APBA Annual Meeting - 2005

Vintage & Historic Division

Atlanta Georgia

January 28, 2005

Recap & Photos !!!

The first challenge at Atlanta was the ice storm, and getting to the Westin Hotel when none of the taxis or shuttles were running. But "Super Dave" Yeager saved the day with his brand new Ford Duelie Supercab truck, and rescued some of the stranded, vintage hard-core.


Our APBA Vintage & Historic meeting ran for 3 hours, and we thoroughly discussed all the items on the agenda that Tom Bertolini and Alan Radue prepared. As you can see in the photos below, this was a very open, round table discussion group.



We also had some inboard legends participating in our discussion - including Steve David, Larry Lauterbach, Buddy Byers, and Mike Weber. Brian Small was also very helpful, lending his safety and rescue experience, as was Kent Fauntleroy from Lifeline. Did you know that Lifeline sells used/reconditioned racing jackets - for half price ???

Check out their Website at www.lifelinejackets.com or call them at 928-669-9241.



Later that evening, it was cocktail time, followed by the big APBA Reception and Dinner. And with just a titch of alcohol, all the hydro guys and gals, the gold cuppers and the skiff-heads got along just fine.



Tom Bertolini with Steven Hearn - our APBA President.




Jacq Bertolini & Gloria Urbin


And a very special honor, Steve David was inducted into the APBA Honor Squadron - APBA's highest honor.

Please be aware, the purpose of our APBA Annual Meeting was to discuss the current state of our Vintage & Historic Division and to thoroughly review all suggestions and concerns submitted by our membership. We also listened intently to the "words of wisdom" from experienced APBA veterans/champions that were part of our round-table discussion group - Steve David, Larry Lauterbach, Mike Webber and Buddy Byers. Our focus continues to be on safety and to ensure that all sanctioned APBA Vintage & Historic events are properly organized.

Although additional safety measures were strongly recommended, it is important to note, no additional rules or regulations were put in place during the Atlanta meeting.  Our APBA Vintage Chairman and Vice Chairman will now take all recommendations under advisement and publish our updated Vintage & Historic Bylaws in the March issue of Propeller magazine.



Yup - in Atlanta our APBA Vintage & Historic Division had a very productive business meeting, some lively discussions, and a fun social gathering. Special thanks to those who made it happen:

Tom Bertolini - APBA Vintage & Historic Chairman

Alan Radue - APBA Vintage & Historic Vice Chainman



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