APBA Vintage Winter Gathering - 2003

Detroit, Michigan

January 31 - February 1, 2003

Recap & Photos !!!

We all had a great time in Detroit !!!

The official headcount for our APBA Vintage Winter Gathering at Detroit Vintage Central (Bertolini's) on Friday night was 62, and our APBA Vintage meeting on Saturday morning was standing room only. And then we filled four tables at the official APBA Awards banquet on Saturday night. Tom D'Eath spoke first, then introduced Bob Moore, who said some kind words (thank you Bob) and announced the winner of our first annual, APBA Vintage award for the

 "Vintage Event of the Year" - Madison !!!


Dave Johnson accepted this prestigious Vintage award for his brother Joe Johnson, who was the Vintage Chairman at Madison. Joe worked his tail off to bring the Vintage boats to Madison, for the first time. And now Madison is a major stop on the "APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit". For those of us who known Dave, we know that he always speaks from his heart, and his words of praise for his Brother were moving and tearful.  Dave did a superb job, and displayed the "closeness" of our Vintage Family.



Dave Johnson accepting the award:

Madison - best Vintage Event of the Year (2002)




Bill Fisk, the Irishman, and a future project for the Johnson Brothers???




APBA corporate office-Bill Fisk and the Obsession Boys.





Our beloved Detroit Yacht Club - on Belle Isle.





The shop of Carl Wilson and his TOS "Tiger" - a world record holding, 225 class hydroplane.





Let the fun begin, at our APBA Vintage Winter Gathering.

Detroit Vintage Central at Bertolini's

A special" thank you" to Jacq and Tom Bertolini





A secret stash in a Detroit warehouse - vintage unlimited hydroplanes.









APBA Annual Banquet - Saturday night.






Mitch Rider's drum set and our Sunday Brunch.





Jim Moore photos - taken at Detroit's Autorama on 2/22/2003



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