APBA Vintage Winter Gathering - 2005

Detroit, Michigan

Recap & Photos !!!

Our third annual APBA Vintage Winter Gathering was held on February 26, 2005 at the home of Tom & Jacq Bertolini.

This was our largest Gathering yet, with a blow-out crowd of over 70 hard-core, vintage race boat addicts. We all had a great time and "almost" everyone behaved - except for Dave Johnson !!!


Unbelievable - on Friday, we drove 14 hours straight for this Gathering !!!



Then on Saturday morning - the crowd and food started arriving well before noon - and believe me, we ate well. There were mounds of food, the roast prepare by Robert Koffman was absolutely superb, and the "white lightning" prepared by Travis Hickman was very smooth - as I was told.  







On Saturday afternoon - Tom Netschke took us for a shop tour of Tom Bertolini's hydroplanes. The photos below show "Country Boy", "Lady Payne" and Tom's latest project - "Deep Water Special". This is the workshop of our APBA Vintage & Historic Chairman - Tom Bertolini. These are indeed very exquisite boats - we are in very good hands - for he shares our passion - and Tom is leading the way !!!





On Saturday evening, an informal update was given by our leaders - Tom Bertolini and Alan Radue. The Vintage Event of the year award went to Lake George and Teri Hoffman. The Chairman's award went to Alan Radue.



The "Angel" award went to Judy Fisk - for all her help.



And - words can not describe or explain the following set of photos - a special/fun award presented to Jacq Bertolini by Dave Johnson and Dave Yeager !!!



Then on Sunday morning - breakfast at Izzy's.





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