APBA Vintage Winter Gathering - 2006


Tom & Jacq Bertolini hosted our fourth annual APBA Vintage Winter Gathering in Detroit on 2/25/2006 - over 90 vintage addicts attended!!!

Recap & Photos !!!


This was a party for members of our APBA Vintage & Historic Division.

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This was our fourth annual APBA Vintage Winter Gathering, held again at the home of  - Tom & Jacq Bertolini. This year's Winter Gathering attracted over 90 hard-core, vintage race boat addicts. We all had a great time, the vintage banter and videos continued well into the wee hours, and everyone behaved - except for Dave Johnson !!!



The Obsession Boys drove 12 hours each way to reconnect with our vintage family, and the fun started with a tour of Tom Bertolini's shop. Country Boy was upside down for some epoxy repairs, and Dave Johnson picked up his new trailer.



Next stop was Carl Wilson's shop, where we got a chance to see his grand prix hydro Advance United. The hull was restored by Steve Balcer, and Tom Bertolini rebuilt the tilt trailer. Much work remains, including the blower motor, drive train, and paint. 



Then it was back to Bertolini's for our Gathering. The crowd started arriving around one o'clock and by six, over 90 vintage addicts filled the room with lots of vintage banter. And as usual, the food was plentiful, the beer keg was cold, and Rob Kaufman's roast beef was outstanding !!!





Ken Warby was at our Gathering, the Fastest Man on Water at 317.60 MPH. Ken brought the official 1937 trophy, his photo album and also narrated his DVD for all us wanna-be's. He is also planning to be at Clayton this summer !!!



On Sunday morning we had our traditional breakfast at Izzy's. The food was great, the vintage banter continued, and Donnie finally got his grits !!!



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