APBA Vintage Winter Gathering - 2008

February 2, 2008

Recap & Photos !!!


Tom & Jacq Bertolini invited us to their sixth annual APBA Vintage Winter Gathering, at their home in Detroit, Michigan.





This winter gathering was for members of our APBA Vintage & Historic Division.

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This was our sixth annual APBA Vintage Winter Gathering, held again at the home of Tom & Jacq Bertolini. This year's Winter Gathering attracted over 90 hard-core, vintage race boat addicts. We all had a great time, the vintage banter and videos continued well into the wee hours, and everyone behaved - even Dave Johnson.


APBA Annual Meeting and Hall of Champions - January 30 - February 2, 2008
Our annual meeting this year was also held in Detroit, and it was important to have a large vintage turnout. First of all, it was a fun event at a great location, but more importantly, we gathered and discussed our many issues of growth - because our Vintage & Historic Division is the fastest growing group within APBA !!!


We attended the APBA Annual Meeting first, participating at our Vintage meeting on Saturday morning, then we headed over to Bertolini's for our Vintage Winter Gathering. The dress code was casual, there was no cost, and we had another blowout crowd.  Lots of vintage banter, videos, food and drink, our annual APBA Vintage Winter Gathering!!!

Here are some photos from our 2008 APBA Vintage Winter Gathering, we all had a great time !!!









Many thanks to Tom & Jacq Bertolini !!!


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