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Alalou II - Part 1


A very historic and very special - 1931 Chris Craft, 26 Foot Upswept 

Previously owned by Bob Brooks

Currently owned by Lynn & Bob Doyle

Alalou II is a very historic and very special boat, shipped directly from the factory to Lake Winnipesaukee and was formerly owned by the Free Republic of China (Chiang Kai-Shek). Only five of these custom Model  212 hulls are known to exist, as documented in the Chris Craft publication "Mahogany Memories" that provides an extensive write-up. With all the original hardware and gauges, the boat was completely restored many moons ago by Charlie Gath in Meredith, NH. This hull is in excellent shape, the George Johnson/Crusader 454 marine motor just purrs, and the newer technology 4-blade prop provide for a very smooth and elegant boat ride experience. Alalou II is an award winner at many local ACBS boat shows and was owned and well maintained by Bob Brooks for over 25 years.


During the winter of 2004, Alalou II was brought to the Vintage Race Boat Shop for complete refinishing. This included 6 coats of Epifanes varnish on the deck and hull sides, complete bottom detailing with 2 coats of Interlux Brightside paint, and fresh Pettit white paint on the boot stripe and deck seams.



First, we hoisted the boat off the trailer and made a tent to contain all the sanding dust. Then we spent a two full days detailing the bottom with some minor wood repairs followed by sanding first with 120 grit paper and then with 220 grit paper on an orbital sander. We got real filthy, but we got the bottom real smooth.

Remember - if you wanna be fast, you gotta be smooth !!!




Then the many coats of Epifanes varnish began !!!








The interior was also refinished with 2 coats of Epifanes varnish.




Finally, the boot stripe was painted with Pettit Boot Top White, and the bottom was "rolled and wicked" with 2 coats Interlux Brightside - Fire Red.



With the help of Shaun and Jay Berry, we buffed the final coat of Epifanes varnish on the deck, and the results were absolutely stunning!




In the Fall of 2009, Bob Doyle acquired Alalou II from Bob Brooks, who had owned and maintained the boat for 25 years. And now the boat has returned to the Vintage Race Boat Shop for continued maintenance.




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