Buffalo Boat Show & Race Boat Reunion - 2004

 Buffalo Launch Club

Grand Island, NY
Sept 10-12, 2004

Recap & Photos !!!

Wow - what a great APBA Vintage Event at Buffalo again this year  - thank you Bill & Rich DeGlopper. Yup - The Obsession Boys had a great time with "Son of Obsession" (R/C Model) and ran some pretty hot laps - bench racing.


The Friday evening "Dry Rot Tent Party" was great fun - with plenty of pizza, beer, wine, vintage banter, laughter and good friends. Then a "Distinguished Service Award" was presented by Bill DeGlopper to Bill John, along with some very kind words - thank you Bill.



Then on Saturday morning, we had a very thorough Drivers Meeting, followed by a special tribute to "9/11", followed by lots of noise - Kevin Hart running a demo lap with his Dad's Grand Prix Hydro-Canadiana.




Then the vintage heats began - each class ran twice on Saturday.
























Saturday evening festivities.



And last but not least - our beloved Golden Snorkel Award was awarded to Jim Thompson !!!



Click here for more Buffalo photos !!!


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