Key West Offshore World Championships

November 10-12, 2017

The annual Key West Offshore World Championship Races are always the second weekend of November and we will will be making the trek again to join all the fun and celebrations in beautiful Key West. This the final and biggest Offshore race of the season, the World Championships and we will roaming around the Hot Pits in the Truman Annex promoting our Tavares Spring Thunder Regatta and handing out CRA decals, posters and signing up new CRA members. This is the biggest and best race on the Offshore Circuit and features all classes of offshore race boats running right by us at top speeds as we watch from the Sunset Pier. These magnificent race boats will be flying so close to us that we can actually feel the spray as they enter the notorious turn number one. The Margaritas and Rum Runners will be flowing, so don't miss this exciting event!!!

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Catch All 3 Episodes of NBC Sports Special on Super Boat Key West Worlds Here! 

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