Clayton Antique Race Boat Regatta - 2004

August 19-22, 2004

 Recap & Photos !!!

Many thanks to our hosts Marv and Kevin Hart for a very well run, and very fun APBA Vintage Event. The fun started on Thursday night - just after we arrived - when Marv and Kevin fired that Chevy big block blower motor - what a sound !!!










On Saturday morning "Vagabond" ran in the first heat.







Jim Thompson passes the APBA Vintage Safety Inspection !!!



















Photos by Bill DeGlopper





Please take a moment to reflect upon these two photos - this is very serious stuff. During the Friday morning skiff heat, Bill Mehan and Bryan Milazzo had an accident - but both were wearing Bell helmets and Lifeline jackets, and both are OK. And on 8/23/2004 our APBA Vintage Chairman (Tom Bertolini) made a rule change, effective immediately, REQUIRING "a bright orange/bright red helmet and a racing life vest".


And a special thanks to Brian Small and his APBA Rescue Team - job well done.

On Saturday afternoon, we crane launched Marv Hart's latest creation - and fired that blower motor again. The sound - magical !!!






At the Saturday evening dinner/dance, the Daniel J. Murphy Memorial Trophy was presented to Bill John - for his spirit and "a person exemplifying the romance and flavor of power boating past".



On Sunday morning, Wolfeboro locals Len Finithy and Gerri Prusko head out for a heat of Jersey Speed Skiffs. Oh no, is Gerri really a skiff-head, where did I go wrong !!!



And on Sunday afternoon, time to leave, and a few parting shots of our beloved Clayton Antique Boat Museum.





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