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Antique Race Boat Regatta 2006

August 17-20, 2006 !!!

Click here for registration form - print it out and mail it in !!!

The past comes alive as some of the best known race boats of bygone eras return to Clayton, New York, for our eighth Antique Race Boat Regatta. Clayton is the birthplace of our APBA Vintage & Historic Division, holding our first antique boat regatta in 1992, and Clayton continues to be the biggest event on the APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit.  This summer's regatta expands to 4 full days and with addition docking, well over 150 vintage race boats are expected, and will be running demonstration laps on a course, setup in front of the Museum. So if you wanna see lots of vintage race boats running at speed, you just gotta come to Clayton 2006 !!!


In addition to seeing and hearing these unique and beautiful boats run, spectators are invited to view them close-up in the pit area, at the Museum Docks.


If you're in the sport, want to be in the sport, or just appreciate Vintage Race Boats then this is "THE PLACE" to be. This is a big event with lots of varied activities.  If you plan on attending, here are two things you must do.

1. Be aware of the APBA rules and Safety Requirements.  Bring yourself and your boat properly equipped.

2. Register early.  Many of the activities require knowing how many participants will be coming.  The spare and obsolete parts swap will require a good bit of lead time.

To be on the mailing list for updates or wishing to contact event chairpersons for further details, contact:


Charlotte Brooks - charlotte@abm.org

Events coordinator for Museum

The Antique Boat Museum



Marv Hart - marvinh@attglobal.net
Race Director

Clayton Re-organizes Race Boat Regatta !!!

In an effort to stay abreast of the growing needs of the sport and to insure the home of Vintage and Historic race boats be maintained,  the management of the Antique Boat Museum has approved the following changes.

  1. For the next three years, our Clayton Antique Race Boat Regatta will be held annually the third weekend in August, and will expand to 4 full days.

  2. A new warning light system to augment the standard safety flag system.

  3. An annual Drivers Clinic for new and veteran drivers and riding mechanics.

  4. A informational meeting held by representatives of our APBA Vintage Division.

  5. Improved “How to “ clinics  to aid restorations.

  6. A Swap meet for spare and discarded parts.

  7. A “Legends” Program is being put in place so as to honor those past racers who have contributed so much to the sport.

Schedule of events:

Antique Race Boat Regatta 2006


August 17th

 All day - Registration for Regatta Participants

 All day - Safety Inspections

 All day - Water Testing, with crane and APBA Safety Team support

 Driver’s Clinic - Classroom

 Driver's Clinic - On the water instruction and testing

 Antique Boat River Cruise for Exhibitors and Sponsors

 Exhibitor Reception – Gaffney Porch


August 18th

 All day - vintage race boats performing exhibition runs on the course

 Afternoon "Fun Run" for Skiffs, Runabouts and Gold Cuppers on the river course

 Historical Racing Exhibits, Marketplace & Flea Market

 Raceboat Forum Speakers

 Engine Clinics - The Ford Flat Head of the 40's and The Aluminum Buick V8 of the 60's

 Preview Silent Auction Items

 Exhibitor Reception - Gold Cup Building


August 19th

 All day - vintage race boats performing exhibition runs on the course

 Afternoon "Fun Run" for Skiffs, Runabouts and Gold Cuppers on the river course 

 Historical Racing Exhibits, Marketplace & Flea Market

 Silent Auction - Gold Cup Building

 Engine Clinics - The small block Chevy and Big Blocks and Blowers

 Raceboat Reunion & Forums

 Reception for Event, Corporate & 21st Century Club Sponsors, Exhibitors & Volunteers

 Nautical Auction

 Dinner & Legends of the Past Awards        


August 20th

 All day - vintage race boats performing exhibition runs on the course

 Historical Racing Exhibits

 Marketplace & Flea Market

 Awards Ceremony

 Museum grounds closed to the public

A note to all participants !!!

For insurance and safety reasons, to run your vintage race boat at speed on the course, you must be a current APBA member (American Power Boat Association) and your vintage boat must qualify and pass our APBA Safety Inspection. If you do not pass Safety Inspection, you will stay on the trailer. Safety is the #1 priority of this event.

Click here for Safety Inspection Form

Brian Small and his APBA Safety/Rescue Team will be at Clayton again this year.

Vintage Race Boats Scheduled for

Antique Race Boat Regatta 2006

Click here for registration form - print it out and mail it in !!! 

As of: 12/22/2010



Big Hydros

Deepwater Special Tom Bertolini

Grand Prix


Canadiana Grand

Marv & Kevin  Hart

Grand Prix



The Irishman

Bill & Judy Fisk

Grand Prix Hydro

Moonshine Baby

Phil Spruit

7 Litre Hydro

Hot Pepper

Al Craig


7 Litre Hydro

Lauterbach Special William Gmeiner Jr. Grand Prix hydro
Lauterbach Special Jean Hoffman 7 Litre Hydro
* See Ya Later Edward Shield 7 Litre Hydro



Small Hydros

Bad Habit Joe Schulte 2.5 Hydro
Barracuda Tim Settle 266 Hydro


The Specialist

Jason Pomerleau

280 Hydro


Wild Card

Kevin Hart

280 Hydro

Summer Wine Rick Shannon 225 Hydro
Black Magic Jim Thompson 280 Hydro
Lolita Scott Courts



135 Hydro



Jack Cotton 280 Hydro



Bill Mehan

Will Farmer

145  Hydro

Hoddy Quirk Harrison Quirk


1 Litre Hydro


Mcknightmare's Return

Bill McKnight


145 Hydro


Sir Ron III

Gary Vore 280 Hydro
Golden Days Philip Sharples 151 Hydro
* Astro Five Edward LaForme 1 Litre Hydro
* After Five Edward LaForme 5 Litre Hydro
* ETT Floyd Waterson112 135 Hydro



Speedsters &

Gold Cuppers




Mark Howard

1929 Hacker

Gold Cup Hydroplane

Miss Detroit III Mike Michaud Gold Cup Hydroplane

Obsession Bill John

Gar Wood

Gold Cup Speedster

Yar Gar


Chris Johnson

Gar Wood

Gold Cup Speedster

Wood Too Phillip & Arnold Rubenstein

Gar Wood

Gold Cup Speedster

Boomerang David Coffin Gold Cup


Miss Kattaning Martin Smith Gold Cup


Arab IV Geoffrey Magnuson Gold Cup


Ethyl Ruth IV Lee Anderson Gold Cup


Runabouts & Flat Bottoms



Can't Wait

Rob Kaufman SK Flat Bottom


Mean Streak

Nate Slotiuk SK Flat Bottom



Bill Burgess

Chris Craft

Racing Runabout

Hot Number II

Shaun Berry

Chris Craft

Racing Runabout

Ednandy Gerald Davidson F225 Class

Dancing Bear Curt Brayer F Service Runabout

Screaming Meemie Skip Weeks SK Flat Bottom


Running Wild Donald Textor Racing Runabout


SK-68 Gene Fleming SK Flat Bottom


* Robert Cox TI Yacht Club Design


Jersey Speed Skiffs



Flyin High

Bill & Brian DeGlopper Jersey Speed Skiff



Rich DeGlopper & Peg Hollstein Jersey Speed Skiff



Len Finethy

Jersey Speed Skiff


Miss Align

Bill Mehan

Jersey Speed Skiff


My Precious

Gerri Prusko &

Bill John

Jersey Speed Skiff


River Rat

Marc Bresee Jersey Speed Skiff
Tinker Bob Mueller Jersey Speed Skiff
Sir Alter Ego James Hassfeld Jersey Speed Skiff
Double Trouble Norm Gavin Jersey Speed Skiff


Rock N Roll

Les Ely Jersey Speed Skiff
* Heart Beat Paul Nowack Jersey Speed Skiff


Hops A Lot

Tom Law Jersey Speed Skiff
* BU Bob Myers Jersey Speed Skiff



Twistercraft Ken Fornwalt EP, JP


El Zorro

 Dick Tyndall ASH
* Brian Pitt

1980 Molinari

Merc 2.5 V6

* Peter Krzyanowski A Stock Hydro
* * Bob Grubb A & S
* * Bob Grubb C & D
* Comet Riggs Smith 36
* La Petite Marcelle Bob Walwork DU
* Beep Frank Mizen Midget
* Troubles Frank Mizen B Utility
* * Harold "Skeeter" Heinrich B Stock
* * Bill Harris Pleasure Claft



Radio Controlled

Model Race Boats


R/C Model Race Boats

Hank Pyrciak & Friends

Radio Controlled

Model Race Boats


For registration and more information, please contact:

Charlotte Brooks


The Antique Boat Museum


Clayton Chamber of Commerce

Click here for photos  - Antique RaceBoat Regatta 2004 !!!

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