Clayton Antique Race Boat Regatta - 2010

August 12-15, 2010

Recap & Photos !!!


Dave Richardson invited the vintage race boats to the beautiful 1,000 Islands in Clayton, NY for the 10th Anniversary of their Antique Race Boat Regatta. The first and still the largest event on the vintage race boat circuit, this is a huge gathering !!!

August 12-15, 2010

The Antique Boat Museum

 Sanctioned by APBA Vintage & Historic Division




Back in the early Ď90ís some nostalgia buffs with old race boats were musing about the success of the Antique Boat Show at the Clayton Antique Boat Museum. The idea to hold a similar event with vintage race boats was tossed out and caught hold. Bill Munro chaired a large group of committed enthusiasts who hosted the first ever Vintage Race Boat Regatta in August of 1992.  Eighteen years of this biennial event have brought together some of the greatest names in racing and likewise many of the most famous boats of all time. Such greats as Riggs Smith, Bob Schroeder, Fred Alter and Buddy Byers were on the original organizing committee. Many others were in critical positions making it all happen. Over the years the Vintage Race Boat Regatta has given owners, drivers, historians and public an opportunity to see the greatest boats of all time performing in the water with dramatic rooster tails and the roar of powerful engines.


This summer was the 10th Anniversary of Race Boat Regatta at Clayton. Some of the boats that attended the very first regatta as well as those that came out of barns and storage sheds over the years joined the celebration and performed vintage fly-bys on the museum waterfront. Vintage race boats have come of age and our opportunity to demonstrate them in their natural environment has caught the public attention. Just think vintage all started in Clayton in 1992 and has grown to where in 2009 there were 27 sanctions approved for vintage events. 


Some owners and boats have not missed a Clayton regatta in all those years. Bob Cox, Bill Fisk, Bill John, Peter Kreissle, and Mark Mason to name a few, havenít missed a chance to run at Clayton, the first and still the largest event on the vintage race boat circuit, this is a huge gathering. Many thanks to Dave Richardson and his the Clayton crew from our NH Navy, we had a great time !!! 

Clayton photos by F Pierce Williams

We left for Clayton on Wednesday morning, arriving in plenty of time for registration and Marv Hartís welcoming celebration at his adult day care center.





On Thursday morning, we participated in Marvís Driver/Rider Clinic and then ran laps on the course in the afternoon, with Compulsion and Obsession running side by side, burning lots of fuel, gaining lots of "seat time" and having lots of fun. Both boats ran very well and very safe, running with the pack during the actual heats on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with heats of six speedsters. We have been running hard at every Clayton vintage regatta since it all began in 1992, and we ran hard again at Clayton in 2010 !!!






On Thursday afternoon the vintage race boats started to arrive.









After the boats were secured in the boathouse, it was cocktail time, as the stories were told and perhaps embellished just a titch. Then we trekked to the evening reception at the St. Lawrence Restoration Shop.








On Friday morning the vintage heats began and the hot pits began to fill.



































It was Showtime on Saturday morning, with vintage heats starting at 8 and running all day long !!!















Jack on the left, and Knuckles, his riding mechanic (aircraft mechanic in real life) on the right.


A few shots inside the Clayton Museum - awesome !!!




On Sunday morning the sun came out, the water was flat, and we ran vintage heats until we ran out of fuel !!!
















Here is the link for the video of four speedsters running in formation at Clayton on Sunday morning, taken on Trudy Feikert's Iphone, riding mechanic for her father Bill Feikert.

The boats in sequence:

Bill Feikert - K-12 Au Revoir

Chris Johnson - J-1 Yar Gar

Bill John - G48 Obsession

Bob Mueller - G-18 Compulsion



 Sunday was also a time for some special boat rides. Then it was time to pack up, one last Clayton burger, and then head back home to beautiful Wolfeboro, NH !!!







Many thanks to Dave Richardson and his Clayton crew from our NH Navy, we had a great time. And next year Clayton alternates with Wolfeboro, the only two events on the vintage circuit that promote, honor and run all classes of vintage race boats, including small outboards, runabouts, speedsters, gold cuppers, and all classes of hydroplanes, even vintage unlimited hydroplanes. Here is the link !!!

Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta - Sept 14-17, 2011 

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