Vintage at Clayton

August 11-15, 2010

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Welcome to the vintage participates Webpage. Dave Richardson invites you to the beautiful 1,000 Islands in Clayton, NY for the 10th Anniversary of their Antique Race Boat Regatta. The first and still the largest event on the vintage race boat circuit, this is a huge gathering !!!

The Antique Boat Museum

Sanctioned by APBA Vintage & Historic Division

Antique Race Boat Regatta

Clayton, NY

August 11-15, 2010

Click Here For Recap & Photos !!!

Back in the early ‘90’s some nostalgia buffs with old race boats were musing about the success of the Antique Boat Show at the Clayton Antique Boat Museum. The idea to hold a similar event with vintage race boats was tossed out and caught hold. Bill Munro chaired a large group of committed enthusiasts who hosted the first ever Vintage Race Boat Regatta in August of 1992.  Eighteen years of this biennial event have brought together some of the greatest names in racing and likewise many of the most famous boats of all time. Such greats as Riggs Smith, Bob Schroeder, Fred Alter and Buddy Byers were on the original organizing committee. Many others were in critical positions making it all happen. Over the years the Vintage Race Boat Regatta has given owners, drivers, historians and public an opportunity to see the greatest boats of all time performing in the water with dramatic rooster tails and the roar of powerful engines.


This summer will be the 10th Anniversary of Race Boat Regatta at Clayton. We hope many of the boats that attended the very first regatta as well as those that came out of barns and storage sheds over the years will be with us doing vintage fly-bys on the museum waterfront. Vintage race boats have come of age and our opportunity to demonstrate them in their natural environment has caught the public attention. Just think vintage all started in Clayton in 1992 and has grown to where in 2009 there were 27 sanctions approved for vintage events. 


Some owners and boats have not missed a Clayton regatta in all those years.  Curt Brayer, David Coffin, Bob Cox, Bill Fisk, Bill John, Peter Kreissle, Geoff Magnuson, and Mark Mason to name a few, haven’t missed a chance to run at Clayton. We hope that they and everyone else will join us again at Clayton, the first and still the largest event on the vintage race boat circuit, this is a huge gathering !!!


Between now and August 2010 a large group of volunteers are working diligently to make this the biggest and best event in our long history. Please mark your calendars for August 12–15 and please register early, to help us plan the heat schedules and logistics.

Registration Form

Racing Fuel

Some participants may arrive in Clayton without fuel as the Cross Lake event is the prior weekend. Please be advised that you can obtain Sunoco racing gasoline up to 112 octane and methanol at Can-Am Enterprises, Evans Mills, NY phone 315-629-4536 for your race fuel needs during normal business hours. If you need assistance please contact the event organizer, Dave Richardson at 315-222-5434 or

If you're in the sport, want to be in the sport, or just appreciate vintage race boats then Clayton is "THE PLACE" to be. This is a huge event with lots of action and varied activities.  If you are interested in participating in our Clayton Antique Race Boat Regatta, here are two things you must do.


1. Be a member of the APBA Vintage & Historic Division or CBF and follow all rules and safety requirements.  Please prepare your equipment and safety gear for a thorough safety inspection and also prepare for lots of water time on our course.


2. Register early. Registration Forms were sent out in March, contact the Antique Boat Museum to confirm your email and mailing address.

All the best, 

Dave Richardson

Race Boat Regatta 2010 Vintage Chairman


To be on our mailing list for updates, contact:

Jennifer Damon


Clayton Chamber of Commerce

Alexandria Bay Chamber of Commerce

Recap & Photos  - Antique Race Boat Regatta 2008 !!!

Clayton Schedule of Events


August 11th


12 – 5pm           Early Bird APBA Inspections at Marv Harts Adult Day Care Center

 6pm till ???      Informal BBQ at Marv Harts Adult Day Care Center



August 12th


 8am– 5pm       APBA Registration & Inspections at Antique Boat Museum

 9am– 12pm     Driver/Rider Clinic at Antique Boat Museum

12pm-1pm        Crane launch pits open to the public

 1pm–4pm        On-water testing

                         Must attend the Driver/Rider/Clinic and be inspected !!!

 6pm till ???     Speed Boys Party at Don Price’s St. Lawrence Restoration



August 13th


 7am                 Drivers Meeting

 8am                 Opening ceremonies

 8am– 5pm       APBA Registration & Inspections at Antique Boat Museum

 8am–12pm      On-water Fly Bys

12pm–1pm       Crane launch pits open to the public

 1pm-5pm         On-water Fly Bys

 6pm till ???     A night on the town



August 14th


 7am                Drivers Meeting

 8am                Opening ceremonies

 8am– 12pm    On-water Fly Bys

12pm–1pm      Crane launch pits open to the public

1pm–5pm        On-water Fly Bys

 6pm                Legends Banquet



August 15th


 7am                Drivers Meeting (if needed)

 8am                Opening ceremonies

8am-12pm       On-water Fly Bys

12pm–1pm      Pits are open for the public

 1pm                Tour of the river in Antique Boat Museum Boats

                        Race boat rides for sponsors



We are not racing, just running our beautiful vintage race boats at speed on a course, deck to deck, what fun !!!



A note to all participants:

For insurance and safety reasons, to run your vintage race boat at speed on the course, you must be a current APBA member (American Power Boat Association) and your vintage boat/equipment must qualify and pass the APBA Safety Inspection. If you do not pass the safety inspection, you will stay on the trailer. Safety is the #1 priority of this event. Safety Inspection Form


Clayton Participants - entries with an asterisk have registered for 2010 !!!

We take the time to list the registered vintage race boats by heat/class, helps us plan the heat schedule and logistics for docks and crane launching areas. This list is also used to entice potential participants to register and run their beautiful vintage race boats at speed on the course, deck to deck with similar vintage race boats !!!



Vintage Unlimiteds



Miss Vernors

Fred Alter





Historic Race Boats



It's a Wonder

Jeff Magnuson*

Gold Cup/Unlimited



Big Hydros



Miss Desoto

Butch Bailey* Grand Prix Hydro


Miss Dinomytes

Roger LaPierre*


Grand Prix Hydro


The Irishman

Bill & Judy Fisk*



Grand Prix Hydro


DeSourdy Special

Sylvain Demers*


Grand Prix Hydro

Canadiana Grand Prix

Marv Hart*

Grand Prix


Miss Crazy Thing

John Pepe*


Grand Prix Hydro

Tool Crib Special

Bill Morsheimer*

7-Liter Hydro

Sidewinder Matt Morsheimer*


Grand Prix Hydro

GP 200

Lauterbach Special

Bill Gmeiner*


Grand Prix Hydro



Bluewater Special 

Chris Hall* 


2 Seater Hydro


Heavy Duty

Gary Vore 7 Litre Hydro



Mid & Small Hydros



Big Chief

Dave Richardson* A Modified


The Specialist

Wain Trotter*

280 Hydro



Jack & Lori Cotton* 280 Hydro


Roman Candle

Gerry Davidson*

266 Hydro


Miss Supersonic II

John & Scott Kirschner*


266 Hydro


Came To Play

Bill & Judy Fisk* 225 Hydro



Harry Holst* 280 Hydro


Wild Card

Marv Hart*

280 Hydro


Miss Sapphire

Bob Hampton


225 Hydro


Bad Habit

Joe Schulte 2.5 Hydro



Bob Hampton

266 Hydro



Hal LeDuc


266 Hydro

Black Magic Jim Thompson 280 Hydro



Bill Mehan

Will Farmer

145  Hydro


Sir Ron III

Gary Vore 280 Hydro
Little Fission Brian Joseph 145 Hydro

Henry's Tenth

Dan Joseph

280 hydro

Something Special Brian Joseph 2.5 Mod Hydro
Gemini Teri Hoffman  


280 Hydro

* Astro Fire Edward LaForme 1 Litre Hydro
* After Five Edward LaForme 5 Litre Hydro
* Shockwave Dick Whyte 280 Hydro
* Sin Jack Wolf 280 Hydro



Gold Cup &

Gentleman's Racers



The Golden Nugget

Butch Kropfield

Gold Cup

Boomerang David Coffin Gold Cup
Impshi Mark Mason Gold Cup


Vince Bober

Gold Cup

Sultana Mark Mason 2008 Hacker
* Delta Tom Mittler Gold Cup
* Apache II Dave & Linda Wright 1922 Hacker Gold Cup






Obsession Bill John*

Gar Wood Speedster

Wood Too Phillip & Arnold Rubenstein*

Gar Wood Speedster

Compulsion Bob Mueller*

Gar Wood Speedster

Au' Revoir Bill Feikert* Gentleman's Racer
La te Ta Jim Henler* Gar Wood Speedster

Yar Gar

Chris Johnson*

Gar Wood Speedster

Lu Lu Tom Turcotte* Gar Wood Speedster


Runabouts &

Flat Bottoms


Tiger Ken Warby* K Flat Bottom



Bob Hampton

E Service Runabout

Dancing Bear Curt Brayer F Service Runabout


High Hopes Too John Freeman Racing Runabout


Running Wild Donald Textor Racing Runabout


SK-68 Gene Fleming SK Flat Bottom


* Robert Cox TI Yacht Club Design


Flashback Geoffrey Magnuson SK


Betty 7 Jim Hawver *


* Tim Schmidt *


Jersey Speed Skiffs



OffWeGo II

Len Finethy*

Jersey Speed Skiff


Disorderly Conduct Ken Gallop* Jersey Speed Skiff


My Precious

Gerri Prusko

Jersey Speed Skiff



Bob Mueller Jersey Speed Skiff


Miss Align

Bill Mehan

Jersey Speed Skiff


Justa Fishn' Bote

Dick Daly

Jersey Speed Skiff


Blu Fusion

Steve Sayre Jersey Speed Skiff


Flyin High

Bill DeGlopper

Jersey Speed Skiff


Mean Streaker

Nate Slotiuk Jersey Speed Skiff



* O'Berry Marine Roger Hinsdale*

1978 Renato Molinari


Peter Krzyanowski*

1968 Speedliner

A Stock Hydro

* Molinari Bud Clarke* 1979 Molinari
Natural Beauty Ghislain Freniere

Harold Kelly

B Runabout

Twistercraft Ken Fornwalt EP, JP


El Zorro

 Dick Tyndall ASH
* Brian Pitt

1980 Molinari

Merc 2.5 V6

* Flashback Peter Krzyanowski C Class
* #21 Robert Cox 1910 Number Boat
* One more time Harold "Skeeter" Heinrich B Stock
* Little Joe Richard Shorney A/B
* Sir Charles Bill Shorney C-Alky
* Sliver Phillip & Arnold Rubenstein OPC
* * Matt Ioranna OPC

For more registration and more info, contact:

Jennifer Damon


Recap & Photos - Antique Race Boat Regatta 2008 !!!


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