47th Annual Clayton Antique Boat Show & Auction

August 5-7, 2011

Recap & Photos !!!

It all started with a little chat last fall at the Roar & Soar classic regatta in Polk City, Florida. Many thanks to Dave Richardson and Bill Feikert for the invitation to bring several of our vintage Hacker race boats to their Clayton boat show.

Roar & Soar Classic Race Boat Regatta


Then the week after our Meredith ACBS Boat Show, we hauled Scotty to the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY for their 47th Annual ACBS Boat Show, where Scotty was displayed and judged again and again received several honors. Many thanks to the Clayton crew for a great event !!!



And while at the Clayton Antique Boat Museum, we also had discussions with our friends Fred Schmitt, the Executive Director and Emmett Smith, the Curator of Watercraft and we have found a new home for Scotty at the Clayton Museum. After fresh paint, varnish and a lot of polishing at our shop this fall, we will be hauling Scotty back to Clayton for display in the Gold Cup Building in their Quest For Speed exhibit. This exhibition showcases the history of boat racing, from the outstanding 1910 Gold Cup and Harmsworth Trophy winner, Dixie II, to record setting Gold Cup fast steppers and hydroplanes running lightweight Packard, Liberty, Alison, and Rolls Royce airplane engines. The history of power boat racing is presented with historic videos on multimedia kiosks. The boats are well polished and are absolutely stunning with special lighting, especially Juno suspended in mid air - our personal favorite !!!

Quest For Speed Exhibit

Clayton Antique Boat Museum

Our Sally Ann Jr. Reproduction Project









Thursday was setup day - and the vintage boats arrived and were staged into position.





The crowds were huge on Saturday, as the boats were judged and the boat auction began.













The boat auction was well attended and the boats were sold !!!


The vendor area was also a beehive of activity.


Pardon Me - being restored in one of the many Museum shops.


Just a small sample of the many vintage boats on display at the Museum.





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