Hornet II

Built by Gar Wood in 1930/1939

29'6" Stepped-Hull Hydroplane

Owner/Driver - Henry J. Kaiser

One of ten built by Gar Wood between 1929 and 1934 originally owned by Henry J. Kaiser who, after losing the Lake Championship race to Mercury, an all aluminum boat, sent "Hornet" to Howard Hughes who removed the wood deck and then designed and built a custom aluminum deck.

Hornet II never lost another race and when it was retired in 1953 it had won more races than any other boat in such a short time frame. It is powered by a Packard V-12 model 1A-1237 aircraft engine, one of the oldest Packard V-12's in existence. The engine restoration and installation was done by Sierra Boats, of Lake Tahoe and the aluminum top was restored by the Air Pirates.


Hornet II - Video !!!

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