Hot Number

A 19 Foot Chris Craft Racing Runabout

Owner - Shaun Berry

Hot Number is a 1948 Chris Craft 19 Racing Runabout, hull # R19-130.  It was built in March, 1948 and was delivered to the Dale Yacht Basin in Bay Head, NJ that month.  Powered originally by a 158 hp Chris Craft 6 cylinder engine, it is presently powered by a 1959 modified Chevrolet based 283 cubic inch Chris Craft V-8 capable of pushing the boat over 45 mph.  Registered as a vintage racer with the APBA, it ran in the New Hampshire Vintage Race Boat Regatta this past September.


Red and White are the original colors of this boat as its sides are planked with cedar, because good quality mahogany was in short supply after WW II.  The deck is canvas covered plywood as original, but the bottom has been replaced with West Systems epoxy and plywood.

"Hot Number" is at home on Lake Wentworth in Wolfeboro, NH - as soon as the Ice is out!

Life is good !!!

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