Hot Dog

A 1947 Hacker Craft, Deluxe Utility

Owner - Tony Coco

Launching Tony Coco's 1947 Hacker Craft - for sea trials before the purchase. This photo was taken on November 29, 2003 - man was it cold !!!

First, we surveyed the boat in Tony's basement - a 1947 Hacker Craft, Deluxe Utility.





Everything looked good, Tony wanted a test ride, so we launched at Sawmill Marina.






It floated pretty good, time to fire the motor.



Sea trials - Phil Spencer driving - a very successful cruise on Back Bay.



Tony Coco - a very happy new owner ???!!!




 Photos of the refinishing project


Hot Dog was transported to the Vintage Race Boat Shop on 3/6/2004 for refinishing and some minor wood repairs. Please note that last photo - yup - he's got the fever.





And then the fun began - sanding the hull. We started with 220 grit paper, then 320, with an orbital sander, followed by lots of hand sanding with ScotchBrite Pads. Please note the high-tech, dustless, sander setup - don't laugh - it works !!!






And my favorite job - sanding the bottom. It was pretty rough, so we attacked the bottom with 80 grit first, then followed with 120 grit - using my trusty Dewalt random orbital sander - and my "patent pending" dustless vacuum system.




Remember - if you wanna be fast - you gotta be smooth !!!


Then, the first coat of Epifanes varnish was applied. We spent a lot of time prepping the boat, first with a thorough vacuuming, then tacking, then wiping down with Dupont Final Prep, and finishing up with a final tacking, We then applied a very nice, thick coat of Epifanes varnish, using our "rolling & wicking" technique. The results are stunning, but we have three more coats to go, followed by buffing and polishing.





Next, we applied the first coat of paint on the very smooth bottom, using Interlux Brightside (Sea Green), with a Teflon additive. This paint is very thick and covers very well, and we used our "rolling and wicking" technique for a smooth, fast finish.





Then, after letting the varnish dry for several days, we sanded the hull again. This time we used 320 grit paper on my trusty Dewalt random orbital sander, followed by lots and lots of hand sanding with Scotchbrite Pads. Yup, we spend a lot of time getting the hull very smooth, actually fairing the hull with varnish, and after the fourth coat of varnish, the results are well worth the effort.





Then the worst job of all - painting the bilge. As usual, the key here is prep work. The floor boards come out, all the leaves and sand get vacuumed out, the oil and dirt get power washed out, and then you gotta spend a lot of time wire brushing all the little nooks and crannies. This is tedious work, but you crank up the tunes, turn into pretzel man, and spend a day with a variety of wire brushes and a good shop-vac. Then you spend a second day with a good angled brush, applying a think coat of oil based Ben Moore Porch & Deck enamel paint. This is really messy and tedious work, best done with NPR on the radio, but the interior wood just sucks up the oil based enamel, and the results are are a well protected and shinny bilge - well worth the effort.






Then the deck seams and bootstripe were painted, using an off-white, ivory color. Jerome at JC Signs did a beautiful job painting the deck seams by hand, and we did the bootstripe. Both were later covered/protected by two more coats of our beloved Epifanes varnish.




To protect the freshly painted deck seams, two more coats of varnish were applied, and then the deck is buffed and polished.



And finally, the project all came together, as the freshly chromed hardware went back on. Yup, it was the Tony, Bill and Donnie Show as we bantered and screwed all those brightly polished screws - making sure they were all properly aligned - what fun.





Finally - Spring Launching




"Hot Dog" is done - a stunning 1947 Hacker !!!

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