E50 - Hot To Trot

280 Karelson Hydroplane

Owner/driver - Leo Croisetiere

Crew Chief - Ruth Croisetiere

In the spring of 2009, after helping out at the Tavares, Florida vintage race boat regatta and having a great time, Ruth and Leo Croisetiere returned home to New Hampshire and acquired the 280 Karelson hydro Hot To Trot from Al Craig. They are now looking for history and photos.


Leo is the engine builder for our shop, and we finally got him involved with our beloved vintage race boats. Ruth & Leo run R&L Engines in Dover, NH and this is their first vintage hydroplane. They are very excited, and would appreciate any help on the history of their hydro. Please send email to RLengines@comcast.net

The building of E50 - Hot To Trot

Designed by Ed Karelson

Built by Chug Reilly in 1987






Leo's first test session......




YouTube videos of Leo's second set of sea trials !!!

Hot To Trot Video #1

Hot To Trot Video #2

And now Hot To Trot is very active on the Vintage Race Boat Circuit, along with Gerry Davidson's vintage hydro Roman Candle



The 2011 Vintage Circuit

Tavares Vintage Regatta - 2011

Regatta Photos by F. Peirce Williams

Many thanks to Ruth and Leo Croisetiere for sharing their project, and watch for Roman Candle this summer at our Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta

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