Lake George Vintage Raceboat Regatta - 2004

September 24-25, 2004

 Recap & Photos !!!

Many thanks to our hosts - Teri and Jean Hoffman for a very well run, and very fun APBA Vintage Event.


The fun started with the Friday evening parade through Lake George Village, followed by a feast at the beautiful waterfront home of Jean Hoffman.


Then on Saturday morning, the water was flat and we ran heats of beautiful vintage race boats all day long. Each class of race boat ran 3 heats, and the heats were long.  In fact, The Obsession Boys ran through a full tank of 93 octane fuel on Saturday - and we had a ball !!!


And a special thanks to Brian Small and his APBA Rescue Team, for a job well done.





















Here are some Bill DeGlopper photos.


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