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When I was very young, and I spent my summers at my grandmother's waterfront home on Governors Island on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire that she call Lake Winds. She had a 1958 Century Coronado with a u-shaped dock, canvas cover and electric winch - very cool. Nana loved having us kids around. We were little pollywogs, always in the water and on very special occasions, Nana would take us all out for a boat ride in her Century Coronado. It had a big Cadillac/Crusader V-8 motor and after a little cheering from us kids "faster, faster Nana" she would floor the foot throttle and off we went with all us kids screaming and laughing. What fun growing up at Lake Winds !!!


While in my teens, I worked at the Goodhue Boat Yard in Glendale, on the gas dock. The best job I ever had. And speaking of landmarks, Tup Goodhue and I played in a rock band "The Fugitives" and we were the house band at Irwin's Winnipesaukee Gardens during the summers of 1965 and 1966. Tup and John Goodhue also used to race in the marathon water ski races on Lake Winnipesaukee, and I can remember the Tommy Bartlett Water Ski Shows on Paugus Bay and Boat-O-Rama at the Weirs.  These are just some of my fond memories of Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire that make it a special place for me.


Well - fast forward many years. After a 30 year career designing, installing and managing large corporate information systems followed by 10 years with our Vintage Race Boat Shop in Wolfeboro, NH we are now retired in beautiful Mount Dora, Florida. We are currently restoring an absolutely stunning 1947 waterfront home on Lakeshore Drive on Lake Dora that we are also calling Lake Winds. The restoration is coming along nicely and we will be posting the story line with lots of photos as the restoration process continues. Yup, we are finally back on the waterfront with a boathouse and loving life !!!

Current restoration project - our 1947 waterfront home/money pit.




Restoration Project Update - December 31, 2017

We are finally through with the first phase of our Lake Winds restoration project. The garage/man/cat cave is done, boathouse phase one is done, house painted inside and out, all systems replaced and the new kitchen is absolutely stunning. We also got a new Nikon camera and will be posting lots of current restoration photos. The next phase of our restoration project is to restore and paint the boathouse to match the house and also extend the boathouse docks to accommodate all our boat buddies.


And please join us for our CRA Monthly Fun Run & Gathering, ending up at our new Lakes Winds home for lots of cold beer and pizza !!!

Monthly Fun Run & Gathering

Please check back later and follow our progress !!!


And - we finally sold our beloved Obsession and moved on to "classic glass" for our boathouse...

Yup - we finally did it. On 2/7/2016 we signed the papers for the sale of our beloved Obsession. After 36 years of ownership, countless ACBS Boat Shows, lots of fun running on the APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit and many, many fun boat rides, it was time for a new adventure. On March BRACKLEY BOATS - Gravenhurst, Muskoka, Ontario20, 2016 our beloved Obsession was picked up and hauled north to Muskoka, Ontario and is being maintained for the new owner by our friend Paul Brackley at Brackley Boats in Gravenhurst.



Here it is - our next vintage/classic race boat

 for the boathouse at Lake Winds !!!



This 21 foot Schiada was custom ordered from the factory in Torrance, California by the former owner who drove all the way from the East Coast to pick up and haul back East in 1998. Since then the boat has always been kept in climate controlled storage and only used occasionally for weekend cruising with the family. With only 170 hours of use on the powerful  Mercury Marine Racing motor, this boat is absolutely stunning and in showroom condition. This Schiada River Tunnel design utilizes twin tunnels straddling a specially designed center pod for additional lift, while its three point running surface completely eliminates troublesome chine walking. And with the Mercury Marine Racing 502 cubic inch marine motor putting out well over 550 horsepower, this rocket ship sprints to well over 80 miles per hour with ease with the tunnel hull design packing air under the tunnels, reducing water friction as the boat is actually flying over the water. This same hull design is also used on the latest technology F1 tunnel hull race boats !!!

In Summary....

Well as they say, our plan was to "retire" down here in Mount Dora. But after a visit from then CRA President Dick Whyte, we found ourselves working year round promoting and running the Fall and Spring Tavares Vintage Race Boat Regattas, sponsored by our local Classic Raceboat Association (CRA) and sanctioned/insured by the American Powerboat Association (APBA). For over 15 years now, we have been using the marketing power of Internet Websites, Email and recently Facebook to help promote and support ACBS boat shows and APBA vintage race boat regattas. We are still quite hyperactive, usually busy posting daily updates on Websites and Facebook and having lots of fun !!!

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