An absolutely stunning 24 foot Hacker Craft

Owner/Driver - Bob Calhoun

Lollypop is a custom built 24 foot Hacker Craft with a very high crown to the deck, special mahogany wood with a deep mahogany stain, elegant green marine upholstery and deluxe Hacker hardware. This boat is absolutely stunning, but with the fuel injected Crusader marine motor, this boat was also made to run "at speed" for elegant afternoon boat rides and beautiful sunset cruises.


On May 18, 2010 we pulled Lollypop from winter storage and hauled to the shop to commission the boat and motor for spring launching ceremonies.



Then on May 25th, after hauling Lollypop to the Sal's for some fresh Sunoco 93 octane rocket fuel, we launched Lollypop at the Wolfeboro public docks. The motor fired instantly and the water pump was flowing full force within minutes. It was cause for celebration, the sound was magical as the fresh 93 octane Sunoco flowed through the fuel injected Crusader small block marine motor. It sounded real nice, as the motor began to "smooth out" with the fresh Amsoil synthetic oil and the Crusader fuel injection system. The Hurth down/angle transmission provides for a low drive shaft angle, and the newer 4-blade prop technology is very efficient and very smooth. This boat likes to run at speed.




Click here for video - let it load & crank it up !!!


And then Bob drove Lollypop home, to their boathouse on Treasure Island...





It was a good day, many thanks to Bob Calhoun & Lollypop !!!


After several full seasons of use, in the fall of 2010 Lollypop was hauled back to the shop for fresh varnish and bottom detailing. The existing varnish was very nice but also getting thin, so four fresh coats of amber tinted Epifanes varnish will be applied to maintain the stunning finish, and the bottom will also be detailed and receive two fresh coats of Interlux Brightside marine paint.



We also trekked over to Lake George to pickup the new trailer at the Hacker Boat Company, and also got a tour of their new production facility in Ticonderoga, NY. Lynn was not there, but we spent some time with Ken, Dan and Kent at their new production facility and we were very impressed. Under the guidance of Kent Smith, the quality of Hacker boats is improving dramatically. Kent took the time to walk us through the production floor, explaining all the improvements that are being made both in materials and workmanship. Hacker is in good hands.

Hacker is the marque for our 38th Annual Lake Winnipesaukee Boat Show next summer, and we are hoping that the new Hacker Boat Company will bring several new production boats for display.

Lake Winnipesaukee Boat Show

Hacker Boat Company









Back in our shop, first things first. A wooden boat has gotta float, so our refinishing project started with the bottom. We spent two full days sanding and detailing the bottom with as much care as the topsides, taking the time to do it right. Starting with 120 grit paper and finishing with Scotchbrite Pads, we got the bottom very smooth and were impressed with the quality and condition of the wood.




After sanding with 120 grit, we spent another day sanding with Scotchbrite Pads and as the photos show, the bottom was well sanded.



Then two coats of Interlux Brightside Sea Green marine paint were applied to the bottom using our rolling & tipping technique, just like applying varnish. This is a very high quality marine paint with a Teflon additive that flows out beautifully, making the bottom very smooth, very slippery and very efficient.

Remember - if you wanna be fast, you gotta be smooth !!!



After the bottom was detailed and painted, we removed all the Hacker hardware, being careful to place each  piece in a separate plastic baggie along with the mounting screws. This takes some time, but protects the beautiful chrome hardware and ensures that the proper screws are used to reinstall the hardware after the many coats of Epifanes varnish has cured. Then the sanding of the hull sides, deck and hatches began. The first sanding is perhaps the most important, as we started with 320 grit and followed with Scotchbrite Pads, being careful not to burn-through the aged/weathered stain in the mahogany. We spent several days sanding and we got the hull very smooth before we taped and prepped the hull for the first build coat of varnish.



Then we applied the first build coat of thick, amber tinted of Epifanes varnish, straight from the can with just a titch of Epifanes Retarder added. The retarder allows the varnish to flow out before it kicks, providing for a very smooth finish that looks like it was sprayed. And the results, absolutely stunning as the photos below show. The boat already looks like it was dipped in varnish, and three more coats of Epifanes varnish are planned. We love varnishing !!!




Each coat of varnish was allowed to cure for a week before sanding for the next coat. The extra time makes the sanding much easier, as the varnish is much harder and sands better. The many hours of sanding and faring the hull between each coat gets the hull smoother and smoother. And with each coat of thick, amber tinted Epifanes varnish, the finish gets deeper and deeper.



After sanding, we prepped and applied the third coat of thick, amber tinted Epifanes varnish.



The first and final sanding are perhaps the most important, as we started with 320 grit and followed with Scotchbrite Pads. We spent several days sanding and we got the hull very smooth before we taped and prepped the hull for the final coat of thick, amber tinted Epifanes varnish.



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