APBA Annual Meeting - 2007


January 24-28, 2007

Recap & Photos !!!


Our annual meeting this year was held in sunny/warm Los Angeles, California and was attended by a small contingent of our vintage hard core. It was a fun event at a great location, but more importantly we gathered to discuss our many issues of growth - cause our Vintage & Historic Division is the fastest growing group at APBA !!!

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On Friday afternoon, we attended the most well run, most fun meeting in LA, watching Buddy Byers working the room at our APBA Historical Society Meeting !!!


We had a good discussion at our Vintage & Historic Meeting on Saturday Morning. Our Chairman Tom Bertolini ran the meeting and as usual, Buddy Byers, Charlie Strang, and Larry Lauterbach added some colorful comments, and sage advice. We had 20 V&H members attending and 5 guests, a good agenda and some lively discussions.  




Then on Saturday night it was it was time for cocktails and our Awards Banquet.





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