APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit - 2002

Recap & Photos !!!


Madison, Indiana

Detroit Gold Cup,. MI

Lake George, NY

Clayton, NY

Buffalo, NY

Man, that's a lot of miles (over 5,000) to haul a wooden boat, uncovered, during the heat of summer, and traveling through the numerous construction projects. But we had a ball, and here are lots of photos of our adventures with our Vintage Family.

The Obsession Boys leaving The Vintage Race Boat Shop,

Wolfeboro, NH - for the first leg of the Vintage Circuit 2002:

Madison, Indiana and Detroit, Michigan.


Dave Johnson's Close Shave II was the great success story of our 2002 Madison Vintage event. Along with brother Joe, the Johnson Brothers had just completed a two year restoration project - and was scheduled to run at the 2002 Madison Vintage event.  Then, last minute motor problems threatened doom, until The Obsession Boys arrived, and we finally got that Flathead Ford running !!!

On Friday - July 5, 2002 Dave Johnson drove his beloved

Close Shave II on the historic Madison race course.


Congratulations Dave,

from all your Vintage friends.


The Johnson Brothers Boat Shop - Madison, Indiana

The Obsession Boys jump right in to help fix that flathead Ford in the Close Shave II.




Yup - ace riding mechanic Donnie McLean saves the day and gets that flathead running.




It's Friday - July 5th, 2002 - time to launch that hydro.






Well done, congratulations to the Johnson Brothers !!!



Johnny Beaver & The Obsession Boys




Vintage pits.




 Vintage Central




Bill Cousins - River Rat

This boat ran great - and the magical sound of that blower motor !!!




Hal LeDuc - Opechee




Bill Mehan - Tipback




Carl Wilson - Tiger




 Tom Bertolini - Country Boy




Alan Radue - Agitator




Ron Taylor - Yellow Streak




Marv Hart - Wild Card




Dave Yeager - River Rat




Steve Lindo - Vagabond




Gordon Jayne - Dinomites




Bill & Judy Fisk - The Irishman




Gary Cotter - Miss Bonnie



Miss Madison



Party time and 4th of July fireworks.




Running under the historic Madison bridge.




Our new:

Vintage Golden Snorkel Award !!!

An original design by The Carolina Camel Racing Team:

Jeff Buckley & Dave Yeager


Paul & Donna Nowack - first recipients:

Friday - stuffing box failure

Saturday - threw a prop blade

Sunday - don't ask



Last minute duck-tape repair on the trophy - seems appropriate.




The award ceremony - presented by,

Joe Johnson

Dave Yeager

Jeff Buckley




Here we are - The Vintage People !!!





Hard at work at the world famous Johnson Brothers Boat Shop,

prepping our Obsession for the next Vintage event - Detroit.




Just had to leave a few mementos on Dave Johnson's Wall of Fame.




Our hero - Unlimited driving legend - Steve Reynolds.




Leaving Madison - over the historic bridge.




The Detroit Gold Cup


National Speed Skiff champion, Tom Pakradooni gets ready for a media ride.



Volunteered to move a hydro, broke my trailer hitch, got it replaced, then kissed my new hitch.




Some shots from the Belle Isle Vintage Pits.






Hey - is that Alan Radue/Agitator - on the hook !!!


Click here for more action shots from Wally Hinman


Time to pack up and head home.



                                                               Tom Bertolini        Dave Yeager


The Obsession Boys - home safe and sound at

The Vintage Race Boat Shop in beautiful Wolfeboro, NH.




Clayton 2002

Golden Snorkel Award Winner


Jane Montgomery

Riding mechanic for Chris Johnson in "Yar Gar"


Great job at the awards ceremony:

Tom D'Eath, Jeff Buckley, Jane Montgomery, Dave Yeager


Lake George 2002

Golden Snorkel Award Winner


Mark Mason - driving Roger Hamblin's Fusee




Great job at the awards ceremony,

Tom D'Eath and Dave Yeager

Mark Mason and Roger Hamblin


Thanks to Bill DeGlopper for the photos !!!


Buffalo 2002

Check out this hilarious cartoon - by Jim Moore !!!


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