Miss Major

A 30 Foot, 1987 Hacker Reproduction

Owner - Len Gardner

In the Spring of 2003, Miss Major was transported to the Vintage Race Boat Shop for a new trailer, bottom blueprinting, some transom varnish repairs and some motor performance work.


First, we spent several days sanding and fairing the bottom to a very smooth surface. Then we applied two coats of Interlux Brightside paint - sea green.


The performance upgrades included a performance flame arrestor, polished aluminum IMCO exhaust manifolds, stainless steel "S" pipes to connect to the existing 3 inch exhaust pipes, and a custom 4-blade prop.



Miss Major was then launched at the historic Goodhue Hawkins Navy Yard in Wolfeboro, for sea trials and performance evaluations. And as expected, the performance upgrades really "woke-up" the 454 big-block Chevrolet motor, and the custom 4-blade prop made the boat run much flatter, with a nice increase in speed. We were very pleased with the results.




But "motor-head" Len Gardner was not satisfied, he wanted more power and speed. So in the fall of 2003, replaced the 3 inch copper exhaust pipes with much larger 4 inch pipes.






Then in the spring of 2004 - on May 15th, we installed the new, freshly chromed exhaust trim rings and again launched "Miss Major" at the historic Goodhue Hawkins Navy Yard.



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