The New Hampshire Boat Museum presents,

our 4th, biennial, invitational:

New Hampshire

Vintage Race Boat Regatta

Wolfeboro, NH

September 15-17, 2005

Click here for photos of our last NH Vintage Race Boat Regatta - 2003

The past comes alive as some of the best known race boats of bygone eras return to Wolfeboro, for our fourth NH Vintage Race Boat Regatta. Wolfeboro is now a major stop on the APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit, and this summer's regatta expands to 2 1/2 days, and includes 50 Vintage race boats running demonstration laps on a 1 mile oval course, on beautiful Wolfeboro Bay.


In addition to seeing and hearing these unique and beautiful boats run, spectators are invited to view them close-up in the pit area, at the Town Docks between 9 and 4, on both Friday and Saturday.


This year our Wolfeboro vintage event is scheduled for the weekend after Buffalo, and as many of you know, our Wolfeboro vintage regatta is held every other year, alternating with Clayton, and we are becoming well known for our "flat water" and lots of water time. In fact, we run vintage heats every half hour for two full days. So if you wanna see lots of vintage race boats running at speed, you just gotta come to Wolfeboro!

But please be aware that because we use the Wolfeboro public docks and parking areas, our local permit limits the boat count, so this is an invitational event. After now after an initial solicitation, our planning committee has selected the boats and the and the invitational packets are in the mail.

And new this year, we have taken the lead from our gracious Buffalo hosts, Bill & Rich DeGlopper, and are planning a welcoming reception/tent party on Thursday evening for all participants and crews - at no charge ???!!!

Bill John

APBA Region 1 Vintage Director & Vintage Safety Inspector
Vintage Race Boat Shop
603-569-5824 (shop phone)

Schedule of events:


September 15th

1----5PM   Registration & safety inspections at the Wolfetrap

           Trailer launching, boat rides for skiffs, runabouts - no crane, race course, safety boats

             Radio Controlled model race boats on Back Bay - by Hank Pyrciak & friends

5 PM      Rookie driver meeting & education at the Wolfetrap

6---9PM Welcome Reception at the Wolfetrap tent

             No charge for all participants & volunteers - hot dogs, burgers, soft drinks

             Cash bar also provided by the Wolfetrap


All vintage race boats will be left at the Wolfetrap on Thursday night.



September 16th

7AM        Race Course setup

7AM        Registration at the town docks - Gazebo

7:30AM   Patrol Boat Meeting at the town docks - Gazebo

8AM        Mandatory driver/crew meeting at the town docks - Joe Greens

8:45       Opening flag ceremonies - triple cockpit runabouts

9AM-4PM Vintage Race Boat heats on the race course

4PM         Vintage Race Boat Rides

4:30PM     Race course removed

6PM         Cocktail party and sunset cruise on the Winni-Belle


The crane, vintage hydros on trailers, and vintage race boats at the docks will remain overnight at town docks and parking area.



September 17th

7AM        Race Course setup

7AM        Final registration at the Town Docks - Gazebo

7:30AM   Patrol Boat Meeting at the Town Docks - Gazebo

8AM        Mandatory driver/crew meeting at the Town Docks - Joe Greens

8:45       Opening flag ceremonies - triple cockpit runabouts

9AM-4PM Vintage Race Boat heats on the race course

4PM          Vintage Race Boat Rides

4:30PM     Race course removed - crane and boats removed from town docks, parking area

6PM          Cocktail Party, awards and dinner at NH Boat Museum


Crane and all boats removed from town docks and parking area - may be moved to Museum.

RSVP for social events 603-569-4554


Vintage Race Boats on the "Invitation List"



Radio Controlled

Model Race Boats

Running hot-laps on Back Bay ???!!!  

R/C Model Race Boats

Hank Pyrciak & Friends

Radio Controlled

Model Race Boats

Miss Budweiser Shaun Berry

Radio Controlled





Triple Cockpit


* Work Boat George Johnson Chris Craft - 26 foot triple
* Red Arrow Chuck Schwager Gar Wood - 33 foot triple
* Miss Major Len Gardner Hacker - 30 foot triple
* Cornelia Mark Howard Chris Craft - 28 foot triple
* Bandito Roger Burgess Chris Craft - 23 foot triple
* Alalou II Bob Brooks Chris Craft - 26 foot triple
* MisStress Bob Mueller Chris Craft - 24 foot triple
* Wiscasset Bob Morrissey Chris Craft - 26 foot triple

Heat A


Small Hydros

Henry's Tenth Dan Joseph 280 hydro
Hoddy Quirk Harrison Quirk


1 Litre Hydro



Bill Mehan

Will Farmer

145  Hydro

Vagabond Steve Lindo 


280 Hydro

Miss Sapphire Steven Ladino


225 Hydro

Tiger Carl Wilson 225 Hydro



Hal LeDuc


266 Hydro

Black Magic Jim Thompson 280 Hydro
Don't Tell Mom Steve Drucker 280 Hydro
Airborne Eagle

Grandin Johnson

Tom Morgan

280 Hydro


The Specialist

Jason Pomerleau 280 Hydro


Wild Card

Kevin Hart

280 Hydro

Heat B


Big Hydros

Canadiana Grand
Marv & Kevin  Hart

Grand Prix


Deepwater Special Tom Bertolini

Grand Prix


Tool Crib Special Bill Morsheimer 7-Liter Hydro
Zoomerang Sylvain Demers


5 Litre/GrandPrix




Robin Demers Grand Prix Hydro

Hot Pepper Al Craig


7 Litre Hydro

Oh Henry John Pepe 280 Hydro

Dynastie Bill Supple


7 Litre Hydro

Heat C


Jersey Speed Skiffs




Len Finithy Jersey Speed Skiff

Heart Beat Paul Nowack Jersey Speed Skiff



Rich DeGlopper Jersey Speed Skiff
Double Trouble Curtis Schmidt Jersey Speed Skiff


Miss Align

Bill Mehan Jersey Speed Skiff


Hops A Lot

Sandy Mcgugan & Tom Law

Jersey Speed Skiff


My Precious

Gerri Prusko Jersey Speed Skiff
* River Rat Marc Breese Jersey Speed Skiff
* Falcon Bill Bryant Jersey Speed Skiff

Heat D


Small Runabouts

Bombita Russell Sharples Gold Cup
Adieu Norm Gavin Speedster

EDNANDY III Gerry Davidson

225 Hydro

Short Money II George Johnson

Chris Craft

Racing Runabout

Hot Number II Shaun Berry

Chris Craft

Racing Runabout

Baby Ruth Dave Whitcher 225 hydro

Little Joe Vince Bober Pacific One Design

Screaming Meemie Skip Weeks SK Flat Bottom
***** Nate Slotiuk SK Flat Bottom
* ****** Rick Sisson SK Flat Bottom
* Flashback Jeff Magnuson SK Flat Bottom
* Cant't Wait Rob Kaufman SK Flat Bottom

Heat E



Gold Cup



Scotty Mark Howard

1929 Hacker

Gold Cup Hydroplane

Obsession Bill John

Gar Wood

Gold Cup


Yar Gar


Chris Johnson

Gar Wood

Gold Cup Speedster

Boomerang David Coffin Gold Cup/Unlimited
Miss Detroit III Mike Michaud Gold Cup



Wildcat Vince Bober Gold Cup
Golden Days Philip Sharples Gold Cup
* The Golden Nugget Butch Kropfield Gold Cup
* Impshee Mark Mason Gold Cup


 APBA Vintage Safety Inspection requirements - no exceptions - please come prepared.

*All Vintage boats will be closely inspected for safety*

 *Safety Inspection Warning*

If you do not pass Safety Inspection, you will stay on the trailer.

Safety is the #1 priority of this event.

Safety is THE major concern at all APBA Vintage events, and Brian Small and his APBA Safety/Rescue Team will be at Wolfeboro again this year.


Race Course.jpg (216349 bytes)



Click on this thumbnail of our race course, on beautiful Wolfeboro Bay.





The Lake Motel - Our host motel
Tel: 603-569-1100, Fax: 603-569-1258
PO Box 887 ~ 280 South Main Street, Rt. 28
Wolfeboro, NH  03894-0887
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Wolfeboro Inn
Tel: 603-569-3016  800-451-2389
PO Box 1270   
90 North Main Street
Wolfeboro, NH  03894-1270
Web site:

Click here for Chamber of Commerce lodging information.

Click here for maps and driving directions - - only 12 hours from Detroit ???!!!


Directions for travelers from the West and South:

90 East - New York Thruway

90 East - Mass Pike

290 North/East

495 North/East

93 North to Concord, NH

393 East to Epson Circle

28 North to Alton Circle

28 North to Wolfeboro

Once in Wolfeboro on Thursday - look for signs to Regatta Registration/Safety Inspections - at the Wolfetrap.

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