G-48  Obsession

Page 3 - Epoxy faring and barrier coats


Photos taken on April 7, 2001

This photo shows the new stepped/shingled bottom design with 6 coats of epoxy - with just 1 faring coat and 2 more barrier coats to go. It was then painted green before "the big flip" right side up. Later, we hauled "Obsession" back to Wolfeboro for fresh paint and varnish.

The 6 coats of epoxy were looking good, this photo shows the first step/shingle. But the most important news - Donnie's fin still fit perfectly !!!

This photo shows the last 3 steps and the center flat/pad that begins aft of the shaft log, which allows the prop to run in clean water.

Page 4 - Project completion, launching, Spring Romp, grinding

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