G-48  Obsession

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Owner/Driver - Bill John

1946 Gar Wood, hull number 7115, modified

Speedster design, single aft cockpit, 21 foot

Bottom modified to a shingled/stepped hydroplane

Honduras mahogany hull with Spanish cedar steps

Chevrolet 510 cubic inch marine stroker motor, 630 HP

Prop is a Menkens high rake 3-blade, 13x17 cupped

Tracked at 75 mph on GPS at the 2004 Detroit Gold Cup

Obsession video - let it load & crank it up!!!

After years of hard running on the vintage circuit and constant use on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee, our beloved Obsession was hauled back to our Wolfeboro shop for some TLC. The hull remained in excellent shape after our Edge-Bonding project over ten years ago. The edge-bonded seams still looked fresh, but more importantly added great strength to the hull. All the mechanics and rigging were thoroughly checked out at our Wolfeboro shop, but the refinishing project would be done at our new home/shop in Mount Dora, Florida.

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New Location - Mount Dora, Florida !!!


During the last week of April 2014, we headed north from our new home in Mount Dora to close up our Wolfeboro shop and hauled all our tools and beloved Obsession down to our new home and shop in Mount Dora. It was sad, but it was also time to move on after ten years in our Wolfeboro shop, keeping both bays busy with many interesting and fun projects. Ten years of vintage race boat shop therapy, check out our many projects !!!

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We hoisted our beloved Obsession off the dollies, onto the trailer and secured for the long haul to mount Dora, Florida. The radio controlled model of Obsession and the 1850's woodcut from my grandfather shipyard in Rye, New York were carefully wrapped and hauled south in our truck. The rest of the cabinets, tools, benches were tagged for the moving company to haul.






Jim Kondrat stopped by to remove the 454 Crusader motor.  


We also donated tools, benches and many boat parts to the NH Boat Museum, and our good friend Shaun Berry stopped by to load up and haul away !!!

New Hampshire Boat Museum 


Then it was time to load up, say goodbye and head south !!!


Two days later, we made it safe and sound at our new home and shop in Mount Dora !!!



Then the moving van arrived with our shop hoist, cabinets and the rest of our tools.



On May 27th we finally began work in our new Mount Dora shop. The first steep was to test our new hoist setup to lift our beloved Obsession off the trailer onto dollies. We installed a large eye bolt through the garage door header to lift the aft of the boat and our hoist to lift the bow of the boat.




All was going well, as lifted our beloved Obsession high off the trailer to clear the fin on the forward section of the hull. We took our time, letting the boat settle over the trailer for a while before we took the traumatic step of  removing the trailer. The next step was to lower the boat onto the dollies. All was going well as we began to carefully and slowly lowered our beloved Obsession. Then disaster struck !!!


As we were carefully lowering the boat down onto the dollies, the large eye bolt through the garage door header let go and the aft section of the boat dropped suddenly down onto the dolly. A scary moment, lots of noise but no damage done. This boat is strong, and the edge-bonded deck and hull sides remain in in excellent condition, with over ten years of hard use. We then lowered the bow onto the forward dolly and rolled our beloved Obsession into our new Mount Dora Boat Shop and setup for work.



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