Rideau Ferry Regatta - 2009

Recap & Photos !!!



Regatta Association - Est. 1909


Scott Cameron invited us to Rideau Ferry, to participate in their Rideau Ferry Regatta

August 15-16, 2009


Sanctioned by the APBA Vintage & Historic Division.

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Rideau Ferry Yacht Club, 1909-2009

100th Anniversary Regatta



Click here for recap & photos  - Rideau Ferry Regatta 2007

The Rideau Ferry Yacht Club invited our APBA vintage boats to join them in celebrating their 100th Anniversary this summer. Once again the R.F.Y.C. hosted the traditional race boat regatta that has entertained spectators for generations.


Although the first regattas at Rideau Ferry date back as far as 1897, the Rideau Ferry Yacht Club was officially formed as the regatta organizers in 1909. Over the past 100 years the club has hosted some of the largest and exciting international race boat regattas in Eastern Canada.


In the mid 1970ís the club stopped hosting regattas at Rideau Ferry due to economic reasons, and sold their waterfront property to the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority for $1.00 to be maintained as a public boat launch, beach and picnic area.  


When Parks Canada announced the 175th Anniversary of the Rideau Canal in 2007, the timing was perfect for the Rideau Ferry Yacht Club to reintroduce the Regatta back into the area and join in the Rideau Canal / Parks Canada celebrations.


The 2007 regatta was reminiscent of the good old days back in the 50ísand 60ís. Many APBA vintage inboard race boats joined in, as well as some top notch competitive CBF outboard race boats from both Canada and the USA. Over two thousand people attended the event by land and water, with feedback being very positive from local residents, tourists & participants who were newly introduced to the Rideau Lakes Region.


This yearís regatta was held on the August 15th & 16th weekend at the RVCA Conservation Area in Rideau Ferry, and was as entertaining as ever. We had some of the loudest vintage grand prix hydroplanes in the line up this year, plus many other exiting inboard and outboard race boat classes. Many thanks to all the volunteers !!!


For more information please contact:

Scott Cameron

Rideau Ferry Yacht Club

Road R6, #52

RR#1 Lombardy, Ontario

K0G 1L0



We made the trek from Wolfeboro to Rideau Ferry in a record 7 hours flat, arriving on Friday afternoon. The weather was sunny and hot all weekend - perfect for a vintage gathering !!!


Friday afternoon was spent setting up, greeting good friends and checking out the boats. Marv Hart and his crew also started the APBA safety inspections.












On Saturday morning we had the drivers meeting, and then it was time to run the boats!!!





















After a huge feast on Saturday evening and a good night's sleep, we were ready to hit it again all day Sunday.













Many thanks to Scott Cameron  and the entire Rideau Ferry volunteer crew, we will be back in two years !!!


One last regatta celebration at the Shipwreck Bar on the Rideau, a good night's sleep and then we trekked back to beautiful Wolfeboro.




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