Roar n Soar Regatta

November 13-14, 2010

Recap & Photos !!!

Get Your Speed On !!!

After years of wanting to make the Roar & Soar vintage event and years of excuses, we finally made the trek south to sunny and warm Florida. The weather was sunny and warm, the water was flat and the vintage race boats were beautiful and fast. We also got to meet Kermit Weeks and see his Fantasy of Flight museum of vintage aircraft. We and we had a great time and a great vacation. 

As expected, the boat count was well over 70, with 68 boats inspected and running some pretty hot laps. Some of the hottest vintage aircraft in the world were also roaring into the skies throughout the day, along with giant scale radio controlled aircraft, powered paragliders and hang glider pilots.


We took well over 400 pictures and videos on Saturday, the first day and many more on Sunday. Jack Lowe was also down here taking pictures and videos, so there will be full coverage posted during the next several days. Please check back here often and follow our progress, as we edit and post our Recap & Photos !!!

Jack Lowe Video - Jersey Speed Skiffs


Many thanks to Dick Whyte, Marty Ferry and the entire CRA crew for a fantastic vintage event. We had a great time and now Roar & Soar in on our annual schedule, so look for our NH Navy again at Roar & Soar 2011.

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On Saturday, November 13th, the fun began !!!


The first impression for participants at any vintage event is the required registration process, where forms are filled out, releases are signed and wristbands are issued. Registration at Soar & Soar began bright and early on Saturday morning with Clair Ferry and here crew at the registration tent. They went out of their way to make us feel welcomed as we filled out the dreaded paperwork and they actually made the process enjoyable - thank you Clair !!!


And the race boats stared to arrive, including my personal favorite - Duff Daily with Oh Mona.


The Drivers Meeting was next, with Dave Richardson and Marty Ferry going through all the safety rules. This is always important and very serious stuff, complete with roll call to ensure that all drivers and riders are present. 



Then it was time to greet our friends, stage the race boats into position, and take some photos.




We walked around and got a shot of all the boats - well over 70 race boats !!!























Then it was time to "get them wet" as we ran heats of vintage race boats all day Saturday !!!










At noontime, we walked over to the Fantasy of Flight for some air conditioning, lunch and a tour of Kermit Weeks' fantastic museum of vintage aircraft, awesome!!




Kermit Weeks - P51 Mustang Video #1

Kermit Weeks - P51 Mustang Video #2

After lunch, we took a few more photos and continued to run heats of vintage race boat all afternoon long. It was a great day !!!



















On Saturday afternoon, our gracious host Kermit Weeks went for a fast skiff ride in Dick Daily's Jersey Speed Skiff. Dick drove first, then Kermit put down some pretty fast laps !!!



On Saturday evening we gathered to celebrate at the wonderful Fantasy of Flight for a grand feast with all the participants. Special tributes were presented to the founding fathers of the Roar & Soar event, Tom D'Eath and Bill Feikert. And the last photo below is perhaps the best and most joyful of all, a celebration by event organizers Clair & Marty Ferry with Kermit Weeks. 





On Sunday morning, the first heat was Wain Trotter in his 280 hydroplane The Specialist running a couple of laps to warm up the motor and test the course, before handing the cockpit over to Kermit for his very first time driving a vintage hydroplane !!!



Then it was time for Kermit to make his debut in a vintage 280 hydroplane. No problem, after a few shakedown laps The Specialist was running at full speed on the beautiful early morning flat water of Lake Agnes at the Fantasy of Flight





We continued to run heats of magnificent race boats all day Sunday.








Jack Lowe Video - Jersey Speed Skiffs

Many thanks to Kermit Weeks, Dick Whyte, Marty Ferry, Tom D'Eath, Bill Feikert and the entire CRA crew for a fantastic vintage event. We had a great time and now Roar & Soar in on our annual schedule. So look for our NH Navy again at Roar & Soar 2011 !!!

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