Classic 1965 Century Resorter - 21 foot

Owner/Driver - Woodie Laverack

My great grandparents started vacationing on Squam in the 1890’s. My grandparents honeymooned there in 1914, and were summer renters until 1930, when they bought property on Sandwich Bay. As a kid, I used to love watching all boats coming down the bay, but especially the woodies (no, that’s not how I got my nickname!). I could recognize many of them by their sound, and I especially loved the V8’s. In the summer of ’64, the National Water Ski Championships were held in Webster, MA on Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagogg-chuabunagungamaugg (I had to say that). My buddy Andy Evans and I went down there to watch “the real guys” ski. The top raffle prize was a brand new 1964 Century Resorter 17’ with a red and white interior. We “blew our allowance” buying raffle tickets, and didn’t win, but I was in love! Thirteen years later, I was in the market for my first inboard, and Andy was “helping” me shop. When we found a 1965 Resorter 21’ (with red and white), Andy pronounced it the one to get; big enough, practical enough, and fast enough! I had to agree, and bought her. As I graduated from high school in the year she was delivered, 1965, I wanted to find a name that connected. It took me years, but one June day listening to the radio while driving to work, the DJ said that it was the anniversary of the release of “(I can’t get no) Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones. Perfect!


In the summer of 2003, the original bottom was declared (way) beyond repair. Harvard Forden built her an all new bottom (yup, stem, keel, transom, ribs, planking…all new), and we refinished her. Sonny Ambrose came out if retirement and hand painted her name and bow numbers. If you know Harvard, I don’t have to tell you the boat never performed better! I’m excited to have the Vintage Race Boat Shop give Satisfaction a well deserved spa treatment (and maybe a little tweak here and there!)

Woodie Laverack


After several conversations with Woodie, on October 4, 2010 we trekked up to beautiful Squam Lake for a quick survey of the boat, a discussion about our refinishing project and logistics for hauling to Wolfeboro and winter storage.



Then on October 9th, after our Fall Foliage cruise, we trekked up to Squam Lake again with a borrowed trailer to haul the boat back to Wolfeboro. It was a gorgeous fall day and we enjoyed the ride.




Once back in the shop, we completed a more thorough survey and found a few minor things to add to our punch list, but nothing scary. Then on October 11th we hauled over to the Wolfeboro public docks to fogg and winterize the motor. It was another beautiful fall day and we took the opportunity for a few more photos, before we hauled Satisfaction to winter storage !!!



Satisfaction video - the motor just purrs

Satisfaction video - fogging the motor


Then on April 29, 2011 we picked up Satisfaction from winter storage and hauled back to the shop. Once inside, we hoisted the boat off the trailer and onto dollies for another inspection and some "before" photos.




After the hardware was removed, we hoisted the boat off the dollies and up onto blocks to setup for bottom detailing. We spent several days sanding the bottom, first with 120 grit paper and then following with Scotchbrite Pads. And as the photos show, the recently replaced bottom by Harvard Forden was still in excellent shape, with no need of any wood repairs or surface filling.




Then it was time to tape the bootstripe and paint the bottom with two coats of Pettit Hard Racing Copper Bronze, using our rolling & tipping technique, just like applying varnish. This is a very high quality marine paint that flows out beautifully, making the bottom very smooth, very slippery and very efficient.

Remember - if you wanna be fast, you gotta be smooth !!!





We spent two days on the initial sanding of the hull sides and deck, first with 320 grit paper on our trusty orbital sander followed by Scotchbrite Pads, being very care not to burn-through the original mahogany stain. We got it real smooth !!!



Then is was finally time for the first coat of thick, amber tinted Epifanes varnish using our  using our rolling & tipping technique. Why is it that the first coat of varnish always turns out absolutely stunning and we are always tempted to stop. But four coats of thick Epifanes marine varnish with UV filters are required to add depth to the finish and to protect the mahogany.



Our refinishing project also included a rather long list of electrical and mechanical issues to fix, including all the wiring, the tachometer cable, the temp gauge and a complete tune-up on the 327 AMC motor. Our star mechanic Jim Kondrat spent two full days on our punch list and knocked them all out !!!



The existing bow numbers and transom lettering were done in plain gold paint and really needed to be upgraded to real gold leaf, so Jerome Holden of JC Signs came over to the shop and applied his magic. The first step was to paint over the existing lettering with the size/glue that holds the gold metal leaf. Then the gold metal leaf was applied to the size/glue. Then Jerome applied his magic to the lettering by creating the "engine turning" or swirling effect in the gold leaf. This was allowed to dry overnight before a coat of varnish.




After a nice thick coat of varnish, Jerome returned and outlined the lettering by hand, using black paint to accentuate the gold leaf lettering. The black outline paint was allowed to dry overnight and then the varnish build coats continued, to protect the gold leaf lettering and to deepen the glow under the amber tint of the Epifanes varnish.



The results after three thick coats of Epifanes varnish  - absolutely stunning....






Then it was time to paint the water line, with 2 coats of Pettit Boot Top White paint.


After we installed all the hardware, the boat was hoisted up of the dollies and onto the trailer.


As promised, on May 28, 2011 we hauled Satisfaction back home to Squam Lake for our launching ceremonies and sea trials. We were anxious to try the new 4-blade prop !!!


Our sea trials went very well. All systems performed properly, all the gauges were working and the motor responded well to the tune-up and fresh Amsoil Synthetic oil. The new 4-blade prop also work very well, nice and smooth, but the 327 Chevrolet motor could not quite pull the 13x14 inch pitch. So a smaller 13x13 inch prop has been ordered to bring the rpm's back up.





Many thanks to Woodie Laverack for sharing his story of - Satisfaction !!!




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