G-17 Scotty

Page 2 - 2004 Launching Ceremonies & The Detroit APBA Gold Cup

1929 Gold Cup Hydroplane

Designed & Built By - John Hacker

Owner/Driver - Mark Howard

After a complete refinishing, on Saturday, May 29th we launched "Scotty" for the 2004 season.

Once launched, we quickly paddled "Scotty" to her boathouse stall.

We then attached Scotty's slings and lifted the hull just a titch - to let her swell.



Then it was Showtime - Jim Kondrat jumped in and fired the Packard Gold Cup motor. The sound in the boathouse was pure magic. With our ears still ringing, a few handshakes and a great celebration. We were ready for the 2004 Detroit APBA Gold Cup - almost !!!


We did it !!!! We actually hauled Scotty all the way from Wolfeboro to Detroit to participate in the vintage portion of the 2004 Detroit APBA Gold Cup. Our NH Navy was there in full force with several vintage gold cup race boats and we got to run some hot laps on the historic Gold Cup course. It was quite and adventure, and we still tell the many stories of Jim Kondrat and the many lost miles. The stories are hilarious now and get better with each telling, but it was not quite so funny at the time !!!

The 2004 Detroit APBA Gold Cup



We have many, many more stories and photos to post of Scotty through the years, and will continue to post as time allows. But for now, fast forward to 2011.

Page 3 of Scotty - a 2011 Update

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