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Stuart Sailfish Regatta

May 15-17, 2015

Recap, Photos & Videos !!!

Stuart was the next stop on the Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit and several CRA members again hauled their vintage race boats to the Stuart Sailfish Regatta for display at our CRA booth. We handed out CRA decals, posters and signed up new CRA members. This was the first APBA/ACHA racing event of the 2015 season and featured all classes of inboard racing, including the fire-breathing Grand Prix hydroplanes. We had a great time at this exciting event, and here are the links for all the details !!!

Stuart Sailfish Regatta

Grand Prix Hydroplanes

CRA Vintage Race Boats

On Display at the Stuart Sailfish Regatta !!!


Super Cinders

Duff Daily

Running the Florida Vintage Circuit !!!


Unlimited Flatbottom



Bill John

Running the Florida Vintage Circuit !!!

1946 Gar Wood Speedster


Carol Suzanne

Rusty Sedlack

Running the Florida Vintage Circuit !!!

48 Cubic Inch




Steve Maloney

Running the Florida Vintage Circuit !!!

Imgram Design



Pure Canadian

Mike Yobe

Running the Florida Vintage Circuit !!!

Eldon Carothers

5 Litre Hydro


Disorderly Conduct

Kenny Gallup

Running the Florida Vintage Circuit !!!

Jersey Speed Skiff



Michael Gallup

Running the Florida Vintage Circuit !!!

Jersey Speed Skiff


Daze of Thunder

Richie Weber

Running the Florida Vintage Circuit !!!

Jersey Speed Skiff

After an easy two and a half hour haul from Mount Dora, we arrived in the Hot Pits at the Stuart Sailfish Regatta on Friday afternoon. Friday was setup, safety inspection and testing  day, so we walked around the Hot Pits to visit with friends and take a few photos.













Then on Saturday morning, we moved our CRA vintage race boats to the upper deck for the spectators to enjoy. We talked with lots of people, handed out CRA decals, posters and signed up new CRA members. It was a fun day !!!



Then it was Showtime, time to go racing for two full days, and the first heat of the day were the awesome ACHA Grand Prix Hydroplanes !!!

Grand Prix Hydroplanes Video - Heat 1B





The second heat of the day - Pro Sock & SE Flatbottoms !!!



Then the tunnel hull outboards took the course. But they kept taking out the number four turn buoy, and it took three restarts to complete a full heat !!!




Sunday was the most exciting day of the regatta, with a few elimination heats in the morning and the finals in the afternoon. Many thanks again to our gracious hosts Rusty and Carol for their hospitality tent. We were right on the start/finish line with lots of shade, new friends, food, ice cold beer and boat racing. What could be better, we had a great time and we will definitely be back next year. Did I mention that we stayed at the Marriott, right on the beach and walking distance to the regatta !!!






Pro Stock Flatbottoms - Final Heat !!!

After the flatbottoms ran their elimination heats, it was time for the 5 Litre hydroplanes. Matt O'Conner in The Gator was fast with a great start and in the lead for the first lap. Then disaster struck, as he and Jimmy King collided, sending Jimmy King airborne, landing upside down. The safety/rescue team was right there on the scene in seconds. Matt was fine and they pulled Jimmy out of the capsule escape hatch, safe and sound. Sadly, both boats sustained major damage, and were done for the day. A scary moment as it happened right in front of us, just after the start/finish line !!!

Saturday 5 Litre Finals

Video - 5 Litre Hydroplane Flip







A few of the regatta officials - Sally Titus, Linda Eldredge, Suzette Echman and Ben Lemay.


The small 2 1/2 Lire hydroplanes were next.



Then another heat of the magnificent ACHA Grand Prix Hydroplanes !!!




After the morning elimination heats, it was time for the lunch break and a chance to walk around the Hot Pits. And look who we found - The Sheriff - Butch Kropfeld !!!



After the noon lunch break, it was non-stop action all afternoon, running the finals for all the classes. It was a great afternoon of boat racing in the warm Florida sunshine. First up, the always exciting Jersey Speed Skiffs !!!

Jersey Speed Skiffs - Final Heat !!!





Then our personal favorite - the SE Flatbottoms !!!

SE Flatbottom Finals



The 5 Litre Hydroplanes were next !!!

Saturday 5 Litre Finals



Next up, the amazing tunnel hull outboards took the course. These boats turn on a dime and the acceleration was just awesome !!!

SST 60 Outboard Finals

SST 120 Outboard Finals




Then it was time for the most exciting heat of the day, the fire breathing Grand Prix Hydroplane Finals. These are the biggest, fastest and loudest hydroplanes on the ACHA Circuit, with big block Chevy motors,  blowers and fuel injection, running at speed over 150 mph. The sights and sounds were just magnificent, it was awesome to experience !!!




Video - Grand Prix Hydroplane Final

First - Brandon Kennedy
Second - Burt Henderson
Third - Tom Pakradonni

We had a great time at the Stuart Sailfish Regatta, with huge crowds, full boat counts, Palm trees and warm Florida sunshine. Stuart is now on our annual calendar and we are already looking forward the next year. We stayed at the magnificent Marriot Resort, right on the ocean with sandy beaches, palm trees, cool ocean breezes and walking distance to the regatta.


After our celebration on Sunday evening, we hauled our beloved Obsession back home to Mount Dora on Sunday morning. We got an early start, all was going well and we were making good time on the Florida Sunshine State Parkway. And then disaster struck, the dreaded flat tire on the boat trailer routine. No problem, as we pulled the jack and tools from our truck, jacked up the trailer and removed the tire. We then limped home with three boat trailer tires and arrived safe and sound. We have done then many times in the 36 years that we have owned our beloved Obsession, as we have been hauling to ACBS boat shows since 1979 and running hard on the APBA vintage race boat circuit since it began in 1992.

It's all part of the fun and adventure - and we still love this stuff !!!


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Stuart Sailfish Regatta - Videos !!!

Many thanks to our good friend Ben Lemay

for bringing the ACHA hydroplanes to the

Stuart Sailfish Regatta. Ben also brought

the vintage race boats to Valleyfield.

Many thanks to Rusty Sedlack for being our

host and arranging for the display of our CRA

vintage race boats. We also enjoyed Rusty's

hospitality tent, right on the start/finish line.

We have been busy all week selecting, editing and posting well over 1,000 photos and videos, and now we are going back to fill in the story line. So please check back often and follow our progress. As always, a true labor of love to share the many magical moments on our Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit. Come join all the fun and all the adventure !!!

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