Tavares Fall Thunder Regatta

November 18-20, 2016

Recap, Photos & Videos !!!

F Peirce Williams Regatta Photos !!!


One of our featured vintage boats - a Cosworth Endurance Tunnel Outboard




The past came alive as well over 55 vintage and classic race boats of bygone eras returned to Wooton Park in Tavares, Florida for our 2016 annual Tavares Fall Thunder Regatta. Tavares is now a major stop on the CRA Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit, and this Fall's regatta expanded to 3 full days, with beautifully restored vintage and classic race boats running demonstration laps on a 1 mile oval course on beautiful Lake Dora. In addition to seeing and hearing these unique and beautiful boats run, spectators were also invited to view them close-up in the pit area at Wooton Park on both Saturday and Sunday.

On Thursday morning, had to move a few seaplanes to clear the Tavares Hot Pits. Wooton Park is actually a seaplane base with wide ramps, huge hot pit area and AV-Gas. Our vintage and classic race boat motors love AV-Gas !!!

Wooton Park, Tavares


On Friday morning we hauled our CRA equipment trailer and safety/rescue boat to the Hot Pits. Then we worked on the course markers, fueled, launched the safety/rescue boat and set the one mile course. Many thanks to Tom D'Eath, Dave Richardson and Rich Luhrs for their volunteer spirit !!!


F Peirce Williams Regatta Photos !!!

We will be posting our 2016 Tavares Fall Thunder Regatta Recap with lots of photos, videos and links all week long. So please check back frequently and follow our progress, as we sort, select, edit and post hundreds of photos and videos along with our story line. But in the meantime, check out the story, photos, videos and all the fun we had at our 2015 Tavares Fall Thunder Regatta !!!


Tavares Fall Thunder Regatta - 2015

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