Monthly Fun Run & Gathering

November 3rd, 2012

Recap & Photos !!!

Many thanks to Terry Ross and Cliff Ennis for organizing our recent Tavares Fun Run & Gathering. The sun was out and the water was flat as our fleet of 15 Jersey Speed Skiffs cruised around the Harris Chain of Lakes, stopping only for lunch, gas and of course the party last night. What fun - will be posting photos and videos for the next several weeks, so please check back often and follow our progress !!!

On November 3rd we participated in our first Tavares Monthly Fun Run & Gathering, a full day on the water on the Harris Chain of Lakes here in Florida. We met, prepped and launched our boats at the Buzzard Beach Ramp on Route 441 on Lake Eustis, near the Dora Canal. After launching we cruised all over the beautiful Harris Chain of Lakes, including the newly cleared/dredged Dora Canal. We only stopped for gas and lunch at the Crazy Gator in Eustis. The sun was out and the water was flat as we cruised all day long, before returning to the Buzzard Beach Ramp. We then pulled our boats back onto trailers and still had plenty of time for a shower before the evening festivities. It was a great day on the water with good friends.

To start the day, the Maloney family stopped by our new shop for our first Saturday Morning Gathering - and they brought donuts !!!


Then we hauled our boats to the Buzzard Beach Ramp on Route 441 on Lake Eustis, near the Dora Canal for our morning launching ceremonies. After a little help, we finally got all 15 Jersey Speed Skiffs launched, started and ready to romp. Along the way, a couple of big magnificent triple cockpit runabouts also joined us - all boat types are welcomed !!!








On Saturday evening we all gathered and howled at our pool side BYOB cocktail party followed by dinner provided by Sonny’s BBQ at the Holiday Inn Express on Route 441 in Tavares. After a full day on the water it was time to party, with old and new friends. We had a great time and can't wait for our next Tavares Monthly Fun Run & Gathering. Please consider joining our next monthly gathering on December 1st, all boats types are welcomed, bring on the runabouts!







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Tavares Regatta Photos by F. Peirce Williams - 2012

JS-47  My Precious

Gerri Prusko - Owner/Driver

Bill John - Riding Mechanic & Screamer !!!




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