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Tavares Spring Thunder Regatta

March 17-19, 2017

Recap, Photos & Videos !!!

The past came alive as vintage and classic race boats of bygone eras return to Wooton Park in Tavares, Florida for our tenth annual Tavares Spring Thunder Regatta. Tavares is now a major stop on the CRA Florida Vintage Race Boat Circuit, and this winter's regatta expanded to 3 full days, with beautifully restored vintage and classic race boats running demonstration laps on a 1 mile oval course on beautiful Lake Dora. In addition to seeing and hearing these unique and beautiful boats run, spectators were also invited to view them close-up in the pit area at Wooton Park on both Saturday and Sunday.

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For the first time, we were so busy with our duties at our Tavares Spring Thunder Regatta as the Race Director and Pit Boss, that we were unable to take any photos or videos. So we are calling for anyone at the Regatta to please send us your photos and videos and we will post here on our Website - giving full photo/video credits.


Award Winners - 2017 Tavares Spring Thunder Regatta

Daniel J. Murphy Award - Ted Boyd

President's Award - Gerri Prusko

Awesome Engine - Lyle Dinsmore

Unique Boat - Rayner Blair (Hollywood)

Best Dressed Crew - Jay Armstrong

Furthest Travelled - Ted Boyd

Outboard Craft - Keith Barco

Historic Boat - Tim Settle

Family Spirit - Forrest & Susan Elkins

Vintage Spirit - Bobby Newman

Golden Eagle/Volunteer Spirit - Riley Warddrip &Bucky Buck

Golden Snorkel/Hard Luck - Jay Armstrong

Many thanks to our CRA Crew - 2017 Tavares Spring Thunder Regatta

Race Director - Bill John

Referee - Linda Eldridge

Control Tower - Jeff Buckley (Nemo)

Administration - Gerri Prusko

Registration - Gerri Prusko & Linda Eldredge

Risk Manager - Dave Richardson

Vintage Drivers Rep - Dave Richardson

Vintage Inspector - Rich Evans & Jean Betrone

Inboard Pit Boss - Bill John

Outboard Pit Boss - Jeannie Bowen & Steve Larkin

Crane Boss - Tod McQuaid

Launch Ramp Boss - Craig Hartwell & Randall Ojeda

Starting Dock Boss - Tamara Petterson

Dock Starter - Len Galeucia

Police Patrol Boats - City of Tavares

Safety/Rescue - Mike Bowers & Region 5 Rescue Team

Gate Security - Mike Roemer & The Village People

Radios - Dick Whyte

Tractors - Riley Warddrip & Bucky Buck

Crane - Ed Brothers Crane Service

Wooton Park  Facilities - Matt Elia

PA Announcer - Jason Stoyer

Saturday Lasagna Lunch - Wanda Bender

F. Peirce Williams

This is an invitation to visit a gallery of my latest photography. All images are available for purchase online as display prints or for “Rights Managed” use. If you would like to view images from other events or categories please go to the front page of my site and view the different galleries or search the archive for the image you are looking for.

F Peirce Williams Regatta Photos !!!

The following 2016 videos were posted on You Tube by Glenn Marston

Some photos from our 2016 Tavares Spring Thunder Regatta !!!

Fall Thunder Regatta Video  - Pete Boden

Spring Thunder Regatta Video - Pete Boden

Tavares Spring Thunder Regatta Video - Harry Holst

Tavares Spring Thunder Photos by F. Peirce Williams

 Previous Regatta Videos !!!

CRA Shoot To Thrill Video - Pete Boden

CRA Shoot To Thrill Video - Pete Boden

Switzer Wings - Rich Luhrs

Switzer Wings - Roger Hinsdale

Tunnel Outboards

Jersey Speed Skiffs

Grand Prix Hydro-1

Grand Prix Hydro-2

Lee Hildreth - Donzi Video

Jack Lowe - Mid Hydros Video

Jack Lowe - Grand Prix Hydro

Jack Lowe - Miss US Vintage Unlimited Video

Tavares Spring Thunder Photos by F. Peirce Williams

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Tavares Fall Thunder Regatta - November 17-19, 2017

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