Valleyfield, Quebec - 2006

July 7-9, 2006

Recap & Photos

The Vintage Race Boats Returned to Valleyfield !!!

The past came alive this summer when the vintage race boats of bygone eras returned to Valleyfield to participate in a special Vintage Race Boat Program. The Vintage boats were on display all weekend, and ran demonstration laps on the historic Valleyfield race course. A special thank you to Ben Lemay - our Valleyfield vintage event organizer. Ben arranged for The Obsession Boys to run a couple of parade laps during the opening ceremonies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - allowing us to help the other vintage boats throughout the day. The photos below were taken on Friday morning, giving Ben's friend a ride, waving the Canadian flag and having a ball. And to top it off, Steve David was part of my crew, helping Donnie McLean at the dock - it doesn't get any better !!!



































And this year at Valleyfield it was no contest - our beloved Golden Snorkel Award winner was Jason Pomerleau.



We all jumped right in, helped a friend in need, got the motor drained and fired, and all had a lot of fun. Jason was a good sport, but most important, nobody got hurt and The Obsession Boys got to pass along the Golden Snorkel and after a long, cold winter in the Vintage Race Boat Shop !!!




After three days racing and of vintage fun at Valleyfield, the final party at Big Willy's !!!




Yup - we sure had fun - and I posted these pics from a MacDonald's WiFi hotspot ???!!!




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