Valleyfield, Quebec - 2007

July 6-8, 2007

Recap & Photos

The vintage race boats returned to Valleyfield !!!

The past came alive this summer when the vintage race boats of bygone eras returned to Valleyfield to participate in a special Vintage Race Boat Program. The Vintage boats were on display all weekend, and ran demonstration laps on the historic Valleyfield race course. A special thank you to Ben Lemay - our Valleyfield vintage event organizer. Ben also arranged for The Obsession Boys to run a couple of parade laps during the opening ceremonies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - allowing us to help the other vintage boats throughout the day.


The photos below were taken on Thursday afternoon as we arrived at Valleyfield, waiting in the hot pit lineup, going through registration and then setting up. Valleyfield is always a very well run event !!!





















Opening ceremonies on Saturday morning !!!





More vintage action on Saturday.






Saturday evening - a gathering with the Hart crew !!!





Sunday morning - just a titch of rain !!!






Opening ceremonies on Sunday morning - with the Mayor of Valleyfield !!!








And some "current" race boat stuff....






After three days of racing and vintage fun at Valleyfield, the final party at Big Willy's !!!





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