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Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta

September 16-19, 2009

Click here for a full recap and lots of photos - Wolfeboro 2009 !!!

The past will come alive as some of the best known race boats of bygone eras return to Wolfeboro, for our sixth Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta. Wolfeboro is now a major stop on the APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit, and this summer's regatta expands to 4 full days, and includes over 70 vintage race boats running demonstration laps on a 1 mile oval course on beautiful Wolfeboro Bay.


In addition to seeing and hearing these unique and beautiful vintage boats run, spectators are invited to view them close-up in the pit area, at the Wolfeboro town docks between 9 and 4 on both Friday and Saturday. And to keep the spectators informed of all the action and the history, hydroplane driving legend Tom D'Eath will be our “Voice of Wolfeboro” this September, backed up by grand prix hydro driver Marv Hart. They did a great job at our recent regatta in Rideau Ferry.


Like vintage car racing, there are actually people out there who run their vintage race boats on APBA (American Power Boat Association) sanctioned race courses, and participate in a very active APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit. These vintage regattas are run under the rules and regulations of the Vintage & Historic Division of the American Power Boat Association (APBA) and Tom Bertolini is our chainman. This is pretty serious stuff, complete with surveyed race courses, safety inspections, drivers meetings, crane launching and demonstration heats usually of 5 or 6 laps. We do have fun, but safety is our main concern, and our APBA Vintage & Historic Division has a great record of running safe events


Again this year, our Wolfeboro vintage regatta is scheduled for the weekend after Buffalo, and as many of you know, our Wolfeboro vintage regatta is held every other year, alternating with Clayton, and we are becoming well known for our "flat water" and lots of water time. In fact, we run vintage heats every half hour for two full days. So if you wanna see lots of vintage race boats running at speed, you just gotta come to Wolfeboro!

This is is an APBA sanctioned, invitational regatta featuring Vintage & Historic race boats. We want to run large heats of all vintage classes, including outboards, large hydros, small hydros, runabouts, flatbottoms, skiffs, gold cuppers, speedsters and large triple cockpit runabouts. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to Bill John 

Participants should try to arrive on Wednesday, because all the fun will begin on Wednesday afternoon with a cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee, with our magnificent triple cockpit runabouts followed by a reception at our NH Boat Museum. This will be a special treat for all of our early arrivers ???!!!


Thursday will be a full day of APBA safety inspections, registrations, boat rides, good friends and great food - a vintage gathering. Thursday will also be a major media day, as the press and public are invited to photograph the beautiful vintage race boats and talk the the owners and crew. Plan on a full day on Thursday at the Wolfetrap, to prepare for two full days of vintage action at the Wolfeboro public docks on Friday and Saturday !!!


Then on Friday and Saturday we will be running vintage heats all day long on our 1 mile course, moved a bit this year, to provide better spectator viewing from the Wolfeboro docks. As a special attraction, and to recreate the history of power boat racing on Wolfeboro Bay back in the 1920’s and 1930’s, the opening and closing ceremonies on Friday and Saturday will feature a heat of vintage triple cockpit runabouts. There will also be a large contingent of vintage outboard racers, along with the many classes of vintage inboard runabouts, hydroplanes and Gold Cup race boats. Cranes will be setup in the hot pit area to handle the hydroplanes, which must be launched and retrieved for each heat. The cranes and the constant launching/retrieving of the hydroplanes provide for stunning visuals, and we already have eight fire breathing grand prix hydroplanes registered. To watch the action close up, the Wolfeboro public docks will be open to the public at no cost to view the vintage hydroplanes, gold cup boats, Jersey speed skiffs, speedsters and outboards. The sights and sounds from the Wolfeboro docks will be just magnificent, don't miss this exciting event - it only happens every two years !!!


There are also social events open to drivers, crews and the public on Friday and Saturday evenings, featuring big screen video of all the action on the course that day, and of course, lots of food and drink!!! We will be at the Wolfeboro Inn on Friday evening for a huge celebration, and at the Wolfetrap on Saturday evening for another huge celebration, awards, and final Regatta wrap up. Please come join us, reservations are required and tickets may be purchased by contacting our Registrar - Gerri Prusko at  603-267-9075 or

So mark your calendars and come join all the excitement and fun at our 2009 Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta on September 17-19, 2009. The opening and closing ceremonies will feature our elegant triple cockpit runabouts, and we will be running vintage heats on beautiful Wolfeboro Bay all day Friday and Saturday.

On Board the Winnipesaukee Belle !!!

For a $10 donation to the New Hampshire Boat Museum, guests may view the heats from inside the race course on the Wolfeboro Bay.  This beautiful sidewheeler will go out in the morning and in the afternoon and remain for one hour – time enough to really experience the vintage race boats at speed, but still allow flexibility for your day’s activities.  Tickets will be available at Regatta Registration Booth at Cate Park – look for the “Vintage Ride Boats” sign.

Vintage Race Boat Rides !!!

For a donation to the NH Boat Museum at the $100 level, a number of the vintage race boat drivers will be giving rides in demonstration heats on the course. The times for these rides are 12:30 PM and 3:55 PM weather permitting. Racing life jackets and helmets are mandatory and will be supplied. The ride boats will be designated on the docks with signage, and ride tickets can be obtained at the Regatta Registration Booth at the docks.

Volunteers Needed !!!

Also, please be aware that an event of this size takes well over 100 volunteers. So please consider volunteering a little time and come join all the fun at this grand celebration of vintage race boats. We also need lots of patrol/picket boats to keep the spectator boats away from the course, and would love to have a whole fleet of ACBS wooden boats surrounding the course on beautiful  Wolfeboro Bay !!!

For more info, or if your want to help out, please contact:

Chairman:                                                         Registration:
Bill John                                                            Gerri Prusko

Vintage Race Boat Shop                            Vintage Bookworm
603-569-5824 (shop phone)                             603-267-9075           

Regatta Schedule


September 16th


9----5PM   Registration at the Wolfetrap

2---4PM  Cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee, in our magnificent triple cockpit runabouts

5---7PM  Welcome Reception at the NH Boat Museum

              No charge for participants


All vintage race boats left at the Wolfetrap on Wednesday night.



September 17th


9----5PM   Registration, safety inspections, photo session, social gathering at the Wolfetrap

           Launch and secure all ramp-launch boats

4---6PM   All hydros moved in sequence from the Wolfetrap to the Hot Pits, setup crane  

6---9PM  Welcome Reception and Celebration at the Wolfetrap tent

              No charge for all participants - hot dogs, burgers, soft drinks

              Cash bar also provided by the Wolfetrap


All ramp-launch vintage boats left in the water at the Wolfetrap docks on Thursday night, and all crane launched hydros setup and left at the Hot Pits at the public docks. All trailers and motor homes parked at Rick Kourian's yard.



September 18th


7AM        Race Course setup

7AM        Registration at the town docks - Gazebo

7:30AM   Patrol Boat Meeting at the town docks - Gazebo

8AM        Mandatory driver/crew meeting at the town docks - Joe Greens

8:45       Opening flag ceremonies, with the triple cockpit runabouts on the course

9AM-5PM Vintage Race Boat heats on the race course (heats every 20 minutes!!!)

5PM         Closing ceremonies, with the triple cockpit runabouts on the course

5:15PM     Race course removed

6PM         Cocktail party, celebration and dinner at the Wolfeboro Inn !!!


The crane, vintage hydros on trailers, and vintage race boats at the docks will remain overnight at town docks and parking area.



September 19th


7AM        Race Course setup

7AM        Final registration at the Town Docks - Gazebo

7:30AM   Patrol Boat Meeting at the Town Docks - Gazebo

8AM        Mandatory driver/crew meeting at the Town Docks - Joe Greens

8:45       Opening flag ceremonies - triple cockpit runabouts

9AM-5PM Vintage Race Boat heats on the race course (heats every 20 minutes!!!)

5PM          Closing ceremonies, with the triple cockpit runabouts on the course

5:15PM     Race course removed - crane and boats removed from town docks, parking area

6PM          Cocktail party, celebration, dinner, awards at the Wolfetrap !!!


Crane and all boats must be removed from town docks and parking area.


For reservations/tickets to social events:

Gerri Prusko at  603-267-9075 or


Past Participants - entries with an asterisk have registered for our 2009 Regatta !!!





Triple Cockpit

Runabouts !!!

Running hot laps on beautiful Wolfeboro Bay!!!  


Bob Mueller*

Chris Craft

24 Foot Triple

Foxwood Karen Sanders*

Chris Craft

27 Foot Triple

Ragtop Dennis Schauer*

Gar Wood

28 Foot Triple


Roger Burgess*

Chris Craft

23 Foot Triple

All Aboard Charlie Train*


30 Foot Triple

Lively Lady

Chris Johnson*

Gar Wood

28 Foot Triple

The 27

Rick Kourian

Chris Craft

27 Foot Triple

Class Act Chris Johnson

Gar Wood

22 Foot Triple

Boo Galoo Casey Nickerson

Chris Craft

26 Foot Triple

Wild Duck

Ann Marvin

Chris Craft

26 Foot Triple

Madosumi V

Chuck Schwager

Chris Craft

26 Foot Triple

Miss Major

Len Gardner


30 Foot Triple

Heat A 


Running hot laps on Wolfeboro Bay!!!  
* Jeff Hunt*

1974 Giles B Hydro

1955, 20 HP Merc

Proto - Type Don Anderson*

1951 Sid Craft

A Hydro

De Silva Phil Chick* Outboard hydro
Natural Beauty Ghislain Freniere*

Harold Kelly

B Runabout

Betty Boop Terry Babcock

1970 Marchetti Hydro

Class F, 1959 70 HP Merc


Dick Whyte

1957 Penn Yan Swift

55H 40 cu inch Merc

D51 Bob Harrity

1970 Marchetti

D Hydro

* Richard Currier

1985 Ted Cronk

ASH Hydro

Miss BeHavin Lincoln Davis

1957  Sid Urytski

B Hydro

* *

Shaun Cavanaugh



* D-9-B Donald Swatik

1953 Switzer Craft


Twisted Sister Charlie Bartley

O'Connor B hydro,

20H Merc

Heat B 

Small Hydros

Running hot laps on Wolfeboro Bay!!!  



Bill Mehan*

Will Farmer

145  Hydro

Hoddy Quirk

Harrison Quirk*


1 Litre Hydro


Big Chief

Dave Richardson**



Dynasty Tom Cornu*

2.5 Litre Hydro

Miss Sapphire

Bob Hampton*


225 Hydro

Baby Ruth

Dave Whitcher*

225 hydro


Wild Card

Marv Hart*

280 Hydro


Gerry Davidson

225 Hydro

Man o' War Brian Dumais 48 CI Hydro

Wanton Duchess David Wagoner

Will Farmer

145 Hydro


South Paw

Dick Delsener


850 CC Hydro

The Judge Dan & Debbie Joseph 145 Hydro
Hi-Q Bob Moore

135 Hydro


Century 21 Special

Shaun Berry 850 CC Hydro

Special Edition Jon Bartell Jr 225 Hydro



Country Boy

Jacq Bertolini 225 Hydro

Heat C

Mid Hydros

Running hot laps on Wolfeboro Bay!!!  



Harry Holst* 280 Hydro



Dick Whyte* 266 Hydro


Miss Supersonic II

John & Scott Kirschner*


266 Hydro


Hot To Trot

Ruth & Leo Croisetiere*

R&L Engines

280 Hydro


Roman Candle

Gerry Davidson*

266 Hydro



Hal LeDuc*


266 Hydro

Black Magic

Jim & Barbara Thompson**

280 Hydro



Bill Feikert*

1966 Cunningham

280 Hydro


The Specialist

Jason Pomerleau

280 Hydro


The Rogue

John & Melissa Sherlock 280 Hydro

Double Eagle

Forrest & Susan Elkins

Dick Sooy

280 Hydro

Airborne Eagle

Grandin Johnson & Steve Drucker

280 Hydro


Michael Hill & Wain Trotter

280 Hydro


Happy Buddha

Ron Taylor

280 Hydro

Henry's Tenth

Dan Joseph

280 hydro

Don't Tell Mom

Steve Drucker

280 Hydro

Miss Washington DC Jon Bartell Jr 266 Hydro



Bob Hampton

266 Hydro

Heat D

Big Hydros

Running hot laps on Wolfeboro Bay!!!  




Larry Lauterbach*


Grand Prix Hydro



DeSourdy Special

Sylvain Demers*


Grand Prix Hydro


Miss Dinomytes

Roger LaPierre*


Grand Prix Hydro



Al Craig*


Grand Prix Hydro

Canadiana Grand

Marv Hart*

Grand Prix Hydro


Sea Ya Later

Edward Shield*

 & Tom Morgan

Dick Sooy

7 Litre Hydro


Catch If U Can

Edward Shield*

 & Larry Lauterbach


2 Seater Hydro



Bluewater Special 

Chris Hall* 


2 Seater Hydro

GP 200

Lauterbach Special

Bill Gmeiner*


Grand Prix Hydro

Miss Crazy Thing

John & Sandi Pepe


Grand Prix Hydro



Robin Demers


Grand Prix Hydro

Deepwater Special

Tom Bertolini


Grand Prix Hydro


Matt Morsheimer

7 Litre Hydro

Tool Crib Special

Bill Morsheimer

7-Liter Hydro



Kevin & Jeanette McGregor

6 Litre Hydro


Heavy Duty

Gary Vore 7 Litre Hydro

Heat E

Jersey Speed Skiffs

& Flatbottoms

Running hot laps on Wolfeboro Bay!!!  


Miss Align

Bill Mehan*

Jersey Speed Skiff


My Precious

Gerri Prusko*

Jersey Speed Skiff


OffWeGo II

Len Finethy*

Jersey Speed Skiff


Justa Fishn' Bote

Dick Daly*

Jersey Speed Skiff

Tiger Ken Warby* K Flatbottom

OOH Carol David Klinkhamer* GN Flatbottom

Legacy Jay Klinkhamer* SK Flatbottom

Valley Girl Kevin Bleeker SK Flatbottom

Double Trouble

Curtis Schmidt

Jersey Speed Skiff


Mean Streaker

Nate Slotiuk Jersey Speed Skiff


Rum Runner

David & Robert Wagoner

Jersey Speed Skiff



Bob Hampton

E Service Runabout

Heat F


Running hot laps on Wolfeboro Bay!!!  


Russell Sharples

Gold Cup


Norm Gavin


Short Money II

Rick Kourian

Chris Craft

Racing Runabout


Shaun Berry

Chris Craft

Racing Runabout

Moaner-Lisa John Howard

Chris Craft

Racing Runabout

Heat G

Gold Cup & Speedsters

Running hot laps on Wolfeboro Bay!!!  


Bill John*

Gar Wood Speedster


Bob Mueller*

Gar Wood Speedster

Arab IV Geoff Magnuson* Gold Cup


Vince Bober*

Gold Cup

Yar Gar


Chris Johnson*

Gar Wood Speedster

Impshi Mark Mason* Gold Cup
Hornet Mark Mason* Gold Cup
Palm Beach Days Mark Mason* Gold Cup

Golden Nugget

Butch Kropfield

Gold Cup

My Baby Judy & Bill Fisk Gar Wood Speedster

Golden Days

Philip Sharples

Gold Cup


David Coffin

Gold Cup/Unlimited

Miss Detroit III

Mike Michaud

Gold Cup

Heat H

Historic Race Boats

Running hot laps on Wolfeboro Bay!!!  
Sister Sin Doug Bindrim* Sweepstakes


It's a Wonder

Jeff Magnuson

Gold Cup/Unlimited

Juno Peter Kreissle Gold Cup
Scotty Two Alan Larter Gold Cup

*Safety Inspection Warning*

A note to all participants !!!

For insurance and safety reasons, to run your vintage race boat at speed on the course, you must be a current APBA member (American Power Boat Association) and your vintage boat must qualify and pass our APBA Safety Inspection. If you do not pass Safety Inspection, you will stay on the trailer. Safety is the #1 priority of this event.

Click here for Safety Inspection Form

Safety is the major concern at all APBA Vintage events, Brian Small and his APBA Safety/Rescue Team will be at Wolfeboro again this year.


Race Course.jpg (216349 bytes)


Click on this thumbnail to display our race course, on beautiful Wolfeboro Bay. This year we have angled to course to provide better viewing for the spectators.



Wolfeboro Inn - walking distance to Regatta - 10% discount for Regatta participants !!!

Host hotel & location of Friday evening social, featuring big screen video of all the action on the course that day, and of course, lots of food and drink!!!

90 N. Main Street                                        $155-235 per night Thursday

PO Box 1270                                                $185-275 Friday and Saturday

Wolfeboro, NH 03894                                  20 rooms

(800) 451-2389                                              Walking distance from docks

(603) 569-3016                


Topsides B&B - walking distance to Regatta - 10% discount for Regatta participants !!!

209 S. Main St.                                             $129 Thursday

Wolfeboro, NH 03894                                  $175-195 Friday and Saturday

(603) 569-3834                                              5 rooms                                     Approx. ½ mile from docks

Dennis and Cynthia Schauer                        A charming Bed & Breakfast


The Lake Motel - lots of trailer parking

Box 887-L                                                    $114-129 per night

Route 28 (just south of downtown)             34 rooms

Wolfeboro, NH 03894                                 Approx. ¾ mile from docks

(888) 569-1100

(603) 569-1100

Dave and Karen Peterson


Lakeview Inn and Motor Lodge

200 N. Main Street                                     $100-110 per night

Wolfeboro, NH 03894                                 17 rooms

(603) 569-1335                                             Must reserve Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun                                   Approx. 1 mile from docks


Afton Inn B&B                                 

31 Waumbeck Rd.                                        $129-179 per night

Wolfeboro, NH 03894                                  4 rooms

(603) 569-4262                                              3 miles from docks

Paul and Debby Schmidt


Click here for our Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce


Directions for travelers from the West and South:


Click here for driving directions - - only 13 hours from Detroit ???!!!

90 East - New York Thruway

90 East - Mass Pike

290 North/East

495 North/East

93 North to Concord, NH

393 East to Epson Circle

28 North to Alton Circle

28 North to Wolfeboro

Once in Wolfeboro - look for signs to Regatta Registration/Safety Inspections - at the Wolfetrap.


Click here for a full recap and lots of photos - Wolfeboro 2009 !!!


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