Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta

September 14-17, 2011

Recap & Photos !!!

History of Boat Racing on Wolfeboro Bay

Wolfeboro Regatta Photos by F. Peirce Williams

The tradition of boat racing on beautiful Wolfeboro Bay continued, as the vintage race boats of bygone eras returned to Wolfeboro for our seventh biennial Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta. Wolfeboro is a major stop on the The Vintage Circuit and this summer's regatta expanded to 4 full days, with over 50 vintage race boats flying in formation on a one mile oval course on beautiful Wolfeboro Bay. In addition to seeing and hearing these unique and beautiful boats run, spectators filled the docks to view them close-up at the town docks all day long on both Friday and Saturday.


This year our Wolfeboro vintage event was again scheduled for the weekend after the Buffalo vintage regatta and as many of you know, our Wolfeboro vintage regatta is held every other year, alternating with Clayton. With our beloved NH Boat Museum providing the support and volunteer base, Wolfeboro is well known for running on a tight, published regatta heat schedule, running vintage heats every 20 minutes for two full days. All the vintage race boats were run twice a day, so if you wanted to see lots of vintage race boats running some pretty hot laps, you should have been  at the Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta !!!


Some of the crews arrived on Wednesday afternoon for a cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee with our magnificent triple cockpit runabouts followed by a reception at our NH Boat Museum. This was be a special treat for all of our early arrivals.



Thursday was a full day of safety inspections, registrations, boat rides, good friends and great food - a vintage gathering. The launch ramp and docks were available for boat rides and test sessions on Back Bay. Thursday was also a media day, as the press and public were there to photograph the beautiful vintage race boats and talk with the owners and crew members. We had a full day on Thursday, preparing for two full days of vintage action on beautiful Wolfeboro Bay, then we howled on Thursday evening at the WolfeCatch Boathouse !!!







On Friday and Saturday we ran vintage heats all day long on our one mile course, moved a bit this year, to provide better spectator viewing from the Wolfeboro docks. As a special attraction, and to recreate the history of power boat racing on Wolfeboro Bay back in the 1920ís and 1930ís, the opening and closing ceremonies on Friday and Saturday featured vintage triple cockpit runabouts and gold cup racers. There were also a large contingent of vintage outboard racers, along with the many classes of vintage inboard runabouts, hydroplanes, flatbottoms and Jersey Speed Skiffs. A large crane was setup in the hot pit area to handle the hydroplanes, which must be launched and retrieved for each heat. The cranes and the constant launching/retrieving of the hydroplanes provided for stunning visuals, and we had six fire breathing grand prix hydroplanes running some pretty hot laps on the race course. To watch the action close up, the Wolfeboro public docks were open to the public to view the vintage hydroplanes, gold cup boats, Jersey speed skiffs, speedsters and outboards. The sights and sounds from the Wolfeboro docks were just magnificent, don't miss our next exciting event, it only happens once every two years !!!


Opening ceremonies featured the magnificent triple cockpit runabouts and gold cup racers.









The vintage heats included outboards, flatbottoms, skiffs and speedsters and hydros. Most of these photos were taken on Saturday, as we walked around the docks and the hydroplane pits. All the boats were run twice on Friday and twice again on Saturday. The weather was perfect on Saturday and the water was flat, so all the classes of race boats could run at speed, what fun !!!

Wolfeboro Regatta Photos by F. Peirce Williams















































After two full days on the water, we were ready to celebrate with our friends at the WolfeCatch!

















Many thanks to all the participants and the well over 100 volunteers for making our 2011 Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta another successful event on the vintage circuit. We have already started the planning process for our next regatta, so please come back and join us in September of 2013 !!!


Bill John - Chairman of the Regatta

Hank Why - Chairman of the NH Boat Museum



And a special thanks to our APBA referee, Stan Fitts  for watching over us and keeping us safe. Stan is a past president of APBA, Honor Squadron Member and a much valued member of our Wolfeboro Team.

History of Boat Racing on Wolfeboro Bay

Wolfeboro Regatta Photos by F. Peirce Williams

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