GP-11  Executif3

Grand Prix Hydroplane

Jeff Buckley - owner/driver

Jeff Buckley restored this Grand Prix hydro last Winter/Spring, and displayed the boat at our Madison Regatta in July. Then in August, the boat was finally ready for sea-trials at our Clayton Vintage Regatta, where the above photo was taken. The boat ran great and Jeff (Capt Nemo) put on quite a show. This monster is running a full blower motor with lots of cubic inches and make lots of wonderful noise !!!


Below are some photos of the restoration process.

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But alas, during the restoration project, Jeff was called up for active duty - and was "over-there" defending our beloved USA. He sent these photos and captions for posting - on 2/18/2002.

Here's my "Wing" and my latest vacation photos.



Mt. Etna as I'm on the way.     My luxurious resort village.      Sheraton Kuwait.            



Predator tourists.


And most important of all--for all the racers out there:

Latest "Rookie Camel Racer in Training".

Another update was sent by Jeff on 2/28/2002

Dear Gang,

Acmed Rajii "FastBoy" Jeff here from the front....Thought I'd share a few photos with show you where your tax dollars are being spent.....Regarding racing: As I mentioned to somebody earlier this week---I took 5 seconds off the local camel track record after switching to the new composite camel shoes I was developing in my sleep...
Here's a few for you:

My pit crew at our "day job".

(Achmed at the far right of picture)

You always gotta check your "Goods" before you go and taunt the neighborhood. In this instance, I was checking my nitrous gear and ink-cloud screening equipment in the event "Wild Man Fisk" pulled up on my tail. Note club support sportswear.


A lighter moment before the flag falls.

Previous tax dollars:---really what happened here I was told, was the dude was working on a "DINOMYTES beater" and the blower separated after a runup....amateurs, I tell you.....

Bring out all the gear (using the moonlight and starlight enhancing tools) to find "Moonshine's" cowling after it blew off in the heat of battle..

Racers always try to go cheap (they gotta pay for fuel).....camel racers are no different....this is team headquarters and hospitality tent beside the track for one of the hometown boys...

Oman from the of next year's regionals....track barely
discernable in background. My Uncle Samuel won't let me send you photos of the races in progress...or the sites...thus insuring that nobody can acquire or develop an unfair advantage....

Hope you enjoyed the second installment of "my vacation".
All is fine here and we're just doing our job as usual.... From the Front"....This is "new boy on the block" reporting from trackside,


Achmed Rajii "FastBoy"---"watch him go"---Jeff

Thankfully, Jeff Buckley returned home safely last spring, and was busy getting Executif3 ready for the summer's Vintage  Tour !!!

Please take a moment, and send Jeff an E-mail:

An update on - 6/16/2002

We finished all the spraying last night, it looks great, just like when it was new and setting all those world records. Jeff picks her up tomorrow, then somebody else can work till the wee hours on her to make it to Madison.



These pics were taken  when Jeff picked her up. One step closer to Madison. Tell everyone to get their snorkels ready. The CCRT will be a force to be remembered !!!!!


Blower motor pictures - 8/20/2002 !!!


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