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In the Spring of 2003, Vagabond's tired motor was pulled and sent to R&L Engines for a complete tear-down and diagnosis. The results were not good, the motor was trashed, and would be very expensive to rebuild. So, with the advice and consent of Tom D'Eath, the original Chevy 265 motor was replaced with a stock 305 cubic inch crate motor. Leo at R&L transferred many of the original 265 parts to the new 305 motor, but had to fabricate a new oil pan and do some special work on the replacement intake manifold. The problem/challenge was the extremely tight clearance requirements - for both the bottom, oil pan and the top, intake manifold.



On June 28, 2003 the new/replacement 305 motor was picked-up from Leo at R&L and transported back to The Vintage Race Boat Shop, in Wolfeboro, where the new motor was installed. The only problem was the bottom, oil pan. It hung down just a titch too low, so the bottom batten of the boat was "notched", and then the motor fit right in very nicely.




On June 29, 2003 we finally got all fittings and connections figured out, and then on June 30th we picked up the new stainless steal exhaust headers. They are beautiful and fit like a glove.




Then we hooked up a garden hose for motor cooling, and we were ready to "trailer-fire" the motor.




 What a noise - pure magic - we were happy ???!!!

On July 3rd, we hauled Vagabond to Madison, Indiana to participate in an APBA Vintage event. The boat and new motor ran great, and Steve Lindo ran some pretty hot laps on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, driving this world record holding hydroplane.


Also on Sunday, Vagabond's speed was clocked at over 100 MPH by Tom D'Eath, and Steve received a very special award from our newest Vintage Sponsor - Vic Edelbrock.




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